Butternut Brownies

Autumn is such a beautiful season. The hot and sunny days may long gone, but there is something special about the colder months ahead. Think about the crisp leaves beneath your feet, seeing all those amber tones fall around you, as you are wrapped up warm in your big fluffy coat and scarf. Those long … More Butternut Brownies

Crispy Little Pumpkins

After scrolling through my Pinterest feed, searching for some inspiration for some seasonal bakes and easy makes, I stumbled across some little pumpkins made from rice crispies. Since university has been a priority, time is everything when it comes to creating things for my blog, so I was thrilled that I could come up with these simple yet … More Crispy Little Pumpkins

Coco-Loco Smoothie

As the summer is coming, we start to lust for an ice-cold beverage to cool us down in the heat. Though a lot of the drinks you get from the supermarket or coffee shops, can be full of unnecessary sugars and artificial preservatives that we should only be having on rare occasions. So I have … More Coco-Loco Smoothie