Chocolate Crumpets

Being born and bred in Britain, I have grown up with a soft spot for the classic English crumpet as there is nothing else like them! That crispy toasted outside accompanied with a fluffy texture inside, filled with tiny pocket holes to give them their signature taste. They will always take me back to my … More Chocolate Crumpets

Quinoa Pizza

Magnifico! Think you can’t enjoy a delicious pizza whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Well, I have the answer to your prayers, which this amazingly simply Quinoa Pizza recipe. Quinoa, pronounced ‘keen-noa’ is a complete protein meaning that contains all of the essential amino acids that our body requires keeping functioning properly, looking after our muscles … More Quinoa Pizza

French Toast

Wake up to a breakfast that takes you across the waters to the beautiful country of France, where you tuck into a ‘too good to be healthy’ meal,  with this quick and simple recipe for delicious French Toast. Whether you like to serve it still warm from the pan or cool and crisp with a … More French Toast