Pledge For Parity

From the early 1900’s, International Women’s Day has become a globally recognised celebration of women’s achievements across social, cultural, economical and political areas. It also highlights the campaign to establish equality between both genders worldwide. Since the beginning of this occasion, there has been hugely significant changes to the way women are seen and treated, bringing a … More Pledge For Parity

EDAW 2016

Looking back to the past is both empowering and painful simultaneously. In 2010 my whole world disappeared, leaving me entangled in an illness that was going to take over my life for over five years. It has left me with many missed opportunities, delayed experiences, lost friendships, damaged relationships and even more horrific memories that … More EDAW 2016

My Sports Philosophy

For those of you who haven’t heard of them, ‘Sports Philosophy‘ are a London based sportswear brand, producing high-quality performance wear, uniting comfort and style in your workout and beyond. But they are so much more than just another activewear brand. They are constantly pushing for creativity and a positive energy in the fitness industry. … More My Sports Philosophy