Carrying Lessons Forward from 2020 into the New Year and Beyond.

This year has well and truly prevented countless things from coming to fruition that would have otherwise made our lives better in one way or another. We have endured so much together on a global and national scale and also as individuals. For as much as we would have hoped to see the end of … More Carrying Lessons Forward from 2020 into the New Year and Beyond.

Reflecting​ on 2018 ||Life Lessons & Self-Discovery

Another year is soon to pass and another is nearly upon us. As an advocate of personal reflection, I do like to take any opportunity to see how I have experienced different situations and to establish the lessons I can take to encourage growth, strength, and self-awareness in order to go forward with a clearer vision … More Reflecting​ on 2018 ||Life Lessons & Self-Discovery

Why I am leaving PT

Whilst lounging around in the sun all day in Crete, I had A LOT of time to think things over. When I say things, I mean everything – my past, present, future, university, career, my blog, relationships and ambitions. The one major lifestyle change that I kept turning back to, was my personal training business, and how it … More Why I am leaving PT

Back to the Books

Taking a leap of faith on your hearts desires, can be a huge risk. Especially if you are anything like me, and want to know that everything is going to be the best it can possibly be. Oh and then some. Planning your life out to the nth degree, it a very stressful and consuming … More Back to the Books