Teriyaki Tofu

For a while now I have been making changes to my food intake that are going to make a more positive impact on my own health as well as the planet. Since taking part in The Veg Pledge last November, I am consuming less meat and dairy produce than ever before, and opting for more … More Teriyaki Tofu


Since taking part in the #vegpledge for Cancer Research, I really have found a whole new love for meat-free meals which has totally taken me by surprise! Never would have imagined ever going a day without having some form of meat with my meals. Though now I can quite easily get by enjoying alternative sources … More Shakshuka

Warming Winter Salad

Now that the winter months have drawn in, we all turn to seeking comforting food to warm up our heart and soul. I for one, love this season’s choices as they are filled with beautiful blends of spices that compliment those colder nights. To kick off a selection of recipes thisΒ December, I have created a … More Warming Winter Salad