Chocolate Crumpets

Being born and bred in Britain, I have grown up with a soft spot for the classic English crumpet as there is nothing else like them! That crispy toasted outside accompanied with a fluffy texture inside, filled with tiny pocket holes to give them their signature taste. They will always take me back to my … More Chocolate Crumpets

Frosty Rocky Road

Need some way of using up all of that leftover chocolate from Christmas? Then look no further than this recipe for some tempting Frosty Rocky Road! There are no doubts about this being an indulgent treat, but there is definitely cause for a little of something you fancy at this time of year…at least that … More Frosty Rocky Road

Warming Winter Salad

Now that the winter months have drawn in, we all turn to seeking comforting food to warm up our heart and soul. I for one, love this season’s choices as they are filled with beautiful blends of spices that compliment those colder nights. To kick off a selection of recipes thisย December, I have created a … More Warming Winter Salad