Starting A New Chapter || The Growing Butterfly Evolves

Goodness, it has been a while, hasn’t it?

Though I would usually apologise for being so absent across all platforms including this blog, as the title says I am about to begin a new chapter with ‘The Growing Butterfly’.

I am the worst for being sorry when I don’t really need to be. The level of guilt or embarrassment that I get is ridiculous. Instantly I start to talk negatively to myself about how stupid and useless I am. Yet somewhere inside I know that those feelings are not valid for my actions.

If I set out to do something and don’t achieve it in the timeframe expected, then the negative inner dialogue starts. Hence why this blog has been neglected as I have been so unsure of myself to keep going with it. This is not the first time I have questioned closing this blog down (read more about that HERE), which highlighted to me that something needs to change for me to believe that this space adds value to not only others but most importantly myself.

Despite these conflicting thoughts of what to do, one thing remains certain; I really hope to make a difference to the way we interact, think and respond towards our online and offline lives.

One of the biggest catalysts that I have both observed and experienced (constantly) is comparison. 


It seems too normal to look to others to measure up our own worth, value and success. This breaks my heart as modern media is a whirlpool for constant comparison 24/7 365. Whether it is the way we look, what we eat, what we do for a living, our relationship status, our friendships, or passport stamps (the list is endless) we turn to the media or those around us to determine our worth.

So many of us are under the impression that all those things define whether we are liked (#double tap), accepted, admired, or deserving of being loved.
Myself included.
More on this subject soon.

Though, turning back to the blog, I have felt like a fraud for not sticking to what every other well-known/successful blogger is going, by keeping content consistent and engaging every day with social media. For my own wellbeing, this aspect of my life has taken a backseat whilst I figure out what is really going to create the most fulfilment.

So this is where the new chapter was born.

By no means will this turn around overnight, so please do bare with me! But this will be a step in a new and positive direction for ‘The Growing Butterfly’. In turn, I hope that the changes that will be made will benefit you as the reader as it is important to me to be open and honest whilst simultaneously encouraging you to believe the power of YOU – looking after body, mind and soul through your thoughts, values and actions.

I really do believe that every single one of us has the ability, strength and courage to find peace within ourselves and lead a life that gives us great meaning and happiness in whatever form that may come in.

That is where my intentions are set, ready to transform this blog which will echo across my life and hopefully into yours too.

Stay tuned for what is to come.
Sending my love and best wishes.



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