A Guide to Heel Your Feet || Flexitol Pedicure Review

Having a mother who prides herself on looking after her skin by exfoliating and moisturising on a regular/daily basis, I have always aimed to follow my mum’s example and look after my own skin too. Every morning and evening I apply face cream to nourish my skin, after a shower I apply body butter especially when I have shaved or it been a hot day.

Despite so much emphasis to take care of my skin, I have been neglecting such an important part of my body that works incredibly hard to support my movements every single day; my feet.

How strange is it that something that is literally the driving force that allows us to travel, dance, run, walk, and so much more amazing activities, is the thing that can often be left out of being care for? More often than not we are on our feet for a lot of the day, especially those of us who have manual or practical jobs and responsibilities, so regularly looking after our heels and toes can make such a huge difference to our skin’s health as well as our posture!


Since I have been practising more yoga I have noticed how dry and cracked the soles of my feet have become from walking a lot and flowing on my mat barefoot. So when I was contacted by Flexitol to try out a pedicure pack including their medically proven foot care treatment, Flexitol Heel BalmI was more than on board to see how beneficial it is when you give your feet a little TLC.

Before I run through how my pamper session went, I think that it is only right that I give a little information on the heel-er itself (reckon it will only be me that will find that funny!). Flexitol Heel Balm is a highly effective formulation that is designed to deeply penetrate the skin on our feet for intense hydration and moisturisation. It contains 25% urea…

…wait, what on earth is urea?!

It is a vital component of the skin’s ‘Natural Moisturising Factor’ (NMF), which increases the water uptake from the dermis (a thick elastic but firm middle layer of the skin) to improve skin hydration. Urea enhances our skin’s ability to retain water and improves the amount of water the skin can hold. So it is a really helpful aid in supporting skin health, especially for those who lack the NMF.

“Apply Flexitol Heel balm to the affected areas once or twice daily. Flexitol Heel Balm is highly effective and starts to show visible results after just one day.”


The Pedicure Pamper 

So I marked myself an afternoon to put my feet up and give them a pedicure. It was lovely of the team at Flexitol to include a six-step guide to treating feet with the products included so that I could get the most benefit of the experience. Inside the parcel, there was a pumice stone, nail clipper, nail buffer, two cuticle sticks, a mini bath bomb, an Essie nail vanish set, and of course Flexitol heel balm.

Firstly I soaked my feet in warm bubbly water and used the pumice stone to remove excess dry and flaky skin. Even just after that step, my feet felt better for it! Though it was once I towel dried my feet off to move on to the next steps that things were noticeably different!


After clipping my toenails and pushing back overgrown cuticles, I gently rubbed in the heel balm using the palm of my hand in circular motions. The balm is really thick so you don’t need to use any more than a grape sized amount per foot. My feet felt like they were incredibly fresh, revitalised and hydrated instantly, which was maintained even after 24 hours. 

I love having painted nails, so having Essie’s was just the thing for me! This colour of nail varnish that I was sent was not one that I would have chosen myself but was surprised that I actually liked it on – I am now a lady wearing red!


Now that I have been lucky enough to try it out, I will continue to use Flexitol on a regular basis to protect and hydrate my feet. I am not just saying this just because of this review, I genuinely mean it! Do hope that this has made you think about giving your heels and toes a little more care and attention too.


For more tips and advice on foot care check out Flexitol on Facebook, Twitter or their website.


This was a paid collaborative project with Flexitol.

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