Spice Up Your Morning || Chiquito’s Breakfast Review

“Happiness is created from waking up to a delicious breakfast”
Sarah Leanne

If you can’t tell by the quote, one of my most treasured meals of the day is the one we start off with; breakfast. To me, breakfast gives me the revitalisation that is needed to get on with the tasks and activities that lie ahead. I get a lovely comfort from tucking into something before the day really begins, as it fuels my body and mind with all that needs.  It is so versatile that it could actually be enjoyed at any time of the day. In fact, if I could get away with it I would probably eat breakfast food all day!

Question – Though what is better than waking up to a delicious breakfast?

Answer – When it is made for you.

It was easy like a Sunday morning, the day I took Chris with me to brunch at Chiquito’s in intu Potteries to test taste their breakfast menu. When I was approached to do this review there was no doubt in my mind that I had to agree to it because I already have such a love for Mexican food, so naturally, Chiquitos is one of my favourite go-to restaurants!



Before going here, I had never really considered having spicy food so early in the day, even though my tastebuds adore it. On the rare occasion I have gone out for breakfast, I have stuck to your traditional British classics this isn’t a meal I want to mess around with! Though as I already rate the food available at Chiquito’s, it was time to challenge those preconceptions and try something new; the Mexican way.

When we arrived the place had the ideal atmosphere for a relaxing Sunday morning brunch. Our waiter Georgio was friendly, offering to take our drinks straight away and tell us that he is here for anything that we might need. I chose a sparkling elderflower and americano which has unlimited refills (as is the breakfast tea!).


We were given enough time to look over the amazing selection of breakfast options, which left Chris spoilt for choice! There is a wide selection ranging from a Mexican classic breakfast burrito through to chocolate and banana pancakes.

Chris ordered their Breakfast Feast which has two eggs, two pork & leek sausages, two rashers of back bacon, two slices of chilli black pudding, flat mushrooms, hash brown, sautéed potatoes, tomato and baked beans. This is his debut contribution on my blog as I would like to include main menu options in with any reviews that I do so that everyone can gain something from them!

The signs were very promising when the plate arrived, as the name really does reflect what you get. However, Chris loves baked beans (like many Brits!) so thought that there could have been a bigger serving. The food came on a warm plate so that everything stayed relatively warm through the meal. Too much of his surprise, it was the addition of chilli to the black pudding that made him rate the plate a little higher. He said that it is a good combination as it you get a little kick of spice with every bite. The sausages were full of flavour, and the bacon was well cooked. The only negative was that the eggs were not poached well because they were slightly overcooked so there wasn’t a lot of yolk porn to be had! 


As for the gluten-free ‘menu’, I was only able to have one option which I had to find out before visiting. This was obviously disheartening, as I wasn’t able to choose from anything else and that there are no clear options for those who have allergies. It is surprising considering that they have such a great allergy menu for lunch and dinner! However, I had the Eggs Bravos which is sautéed potatoes and refried beans, topped with tossed with homemade salsa, guacamole and two poached eggs.

From the description of this dish, I was rather shocked by what you actually get. It felt like there was a mountain of potatoes and refined beans which looked dry.  This base is slightly mixed together with a spicy tomato sauce that adds quite a kick to it, which I did like as both ingredients need plenty of flavours to make them tasty. There was only a small serving of both the homemade salsa and guacamole, so my mouth did have to take a lot of heat! Also, similar to Chris, my poached eggs were overcooked so that dreamy drizzle of the yolk was unfortunately short-lived.


Overall, we would both say we did enjoy our brunch experience at Chiquito’s. We both love dining here and would be happy to visit again for breakfast thanks to the amazing service that we had by our waiter Georgio. There is an amazing variety of choices from the main menu that is all cooked to order and great value for money. However, if you are looking for a somewhere with a great gluten/lactose/meat-free menu then I would wait a little while to see if they make any improvements.



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