MADE to Empower || Female Empowerment Event

It was such a lovely surprise to be invited along to Moddershall Oak’s MADE Wellness Centre, for a Blogger and Influencer Female Empowerment event. I have visited this remarkable countryside retreat several times before, but never have I come away feeling so inspired and uplifted for the future.

Am sure you’re wondering why… probably not but please read on anyway!



The morning began with a delicious breakfast made right on the premises in the Wellness Cafe that serves up an amazing range of freshly made nutritious food and drinks. We were all treated to a refreshing smoothie and a gluten-free granola smoothie bowl. They aim to centre their menu around being dairy and gluten-free, as well as including a variety of plant-based options so there is something for everyone.



After tucking into our breakfasts we were given a welcome talk, which told us little more about how Made came to be through the sheer passion of their director Penny Weston, whose own health and fitness journey is what ignited the inspiring to create the concept and ethos that sets the foundations for MADE.

We were then given a guided tour of the entire grounds at Moddershall by the event organiser Beth, who is such a wonderful person to be around. The facilities that Made has to offer are incredible! They have a gorgeous welcome space as you enter the building, that really captures the positive energy that all the team hope to offer their members and guests.

“MADE offers you a path to complete 360 wellness through yoga, meditation, workshops and a chance to enter a space that is dedicated to you.” 

Once the tour was finished, it was time to get our sweat on for the first time that day, as we had a series of taster sessions from the classes that MADE have to offer. It was such a joy to be reunited with an old work colleague Helena Cornes, who was a fellow personal trainer at the gym where I used to coach as well! She has grown so much since we last saw one another, and so it was a pleasure to have her be our teacher for most of the classes.




First up was cycling in their bespoke cycling cave, which has amazing high tech equipment that immerses you even more into your experience and takes it to new levels. As someone who wouldn’t consider herself going to a spinning/cycling class, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the class. I think the rainbow coloured changing lights and the old school music track list really helped keep me going!

Next up was Helena’s own version of dance fitness classes that incorporate two forms of workout into one. Her classes are all about having fun, letting loose and feeling good in your body whilst moving your body with dance and body weight exercises. I absolutely loved this class and would recommend it to anyone who just thrives of positive energy and empowerment.

After shaking off the sweat and cooling down for a while, it was time for lunch (we were all so ready for it!). We had a choice of what we would like to have, which I opted for their smoked tofu on chilli avocado toast. It was super tasty and totally satisfied my hungry tummy, so much so I am definitely going to try it out at home!


Next up we had a box fit class, that we were lucky enough to go outside on the outdoor training terrace as the sun decided to shine down on us (just about! – typical British weather). I partnered up with Sofia from Staffordshire & She, which I think she might have regretted just slightly when I let my frustrations out on the pads a little too much! But it was such a good laugh with us both willing each other on whilst the other one was able to ‘chill’ out a bit whilst the other put in the hard work.



As an afternoon break, there were two talks to listen to whilst having a much-needed coffee to perk us back up. Helena gave a lovely speech on body confidence, offering her personal advice on how to love your body and how she has benefited from doing so for herself. We also had who created Kami’s Cloud who told us about her journey and how she believes that we all have something special and unique to offer to the health and wellness industry.



Last but certainly not least, it was time for the final session of the day that combined the foundations of pilates and yoga focusing on core strength and stability. Our teacher for this class was Robbie, whose story took my breath away because of how much he has been through to get where he is today. As a yogi, this session had me hooked right from the start, and it taught me a little bit more about the importance of slow and stable practice towards positive progress. It was rounded off with a soothing meditation, encouraging us to visualise the chakras roots coming up from the earth and into our bodies to fill them with light and life.


I can honestly say that it was one of the most amazing events I have been to. Whether that had something to do with the fact I had such a heavy weight on my mind before I arrived, I am not too sure. But meeting the women that turned up for the event as well as the outstanding team at MADE, has really empowered me to continue pursuing my big ambitions with this blog of mine and hopefully go on to inspire and encourage others to believe in themselves too.


I can’t wait to return back to MADE and see how else I can be empowered there!


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