Brussel Sprout & Walnut Salad

Every December over 750 million brussel sprouts are eaten, so love them or hate them, they remain a staple to the traditional Christmas dinner and have done for centuries. It was over 400 years ago that they arrived on British soil from Belgium and have been a firm part of the annual festive feast.

They are such an underrated vegetable in my opinion, as their unique flavour adds a little ‘omph!’ (yes to me that is a word!) to your plate. Sprouts are a fantastic source of vitamin K & C, as well as being high in fibre which helps to reduce inflammation. So even if you aren’t a huge fan, its worth considering them as part of your Christmas dinner amongst all the delicious food!

Since I was little there was no problem with brussel sprouts being on my plate. In fact, I started to ask for extra! So it is no wonder that now I am looking to be more creative with these mini cabbages and make a seasonal recipe that satisfies my appreciation for the wonderful sprout!


This Brussel Sprout & Walnut Salad is fantastic to accompany any main dish or can even be enjoyed on its own (though be warned there is a high risk of wind if you know what I mean!). It is a recipe that only needs a few ingredients and best of all they are at their best this season too!

Serves 4-6


  • 400g brussel sprouts
  • 1/2 small red cabbage
  • 40g pomegranate seeds
  • 20g dried cranberries
  • 30g walnuts (chopped)
  • 1 1/2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp salt


  • Start by washing the Brussel sprouts and red cabbage in cold water before adding to a large saucepan and adding enough water to cover all the vegetables
  • Bring the pan to a boil before turning down to simmer for 15 minutes
  • Once the vegetables are cooked well, drain all the water out of the pan and leave to cool for 5-8 minutes
  • Add in the olive oil, salt and pepper and stir gently ensuring that everything is covered.
  • Next, add in the pomegranate and cranberries and mix in well.
  • Dish up into portions of your choosing before finally sprinkling chopped walnuts over the top!



To discover even more amazing recipes for this season did to my Christmas Collection where you will find links to all of my other festive creations!

If you give this recipe a try I would love to hear your thoughts, so pop a comment below or tag me in a post on Instagram using @thegrowingbutterfly

Merry Christmas!


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