Radisson Blu Warren Street || London Hotel Review

I wanted to make Chris’s birthday extra special this year as he has never really celebrated it that much. With us being over a year into our relationship this was my chance to make him feel special and loved by going on an adventure together to our capital city to go to the Harry Potter Studios (see my review here)  and an Avengers Exhibition, and dining out at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants on Bread Street. 

This obviously meant that we needed a place to stay in order to fit it all into a couple of days and I stumbled upon a hotel in just the right location for us; Radisson Blu on Warren Street. Neither of us had stayed in a Radisson before so it was another first experience that we could share and see how good they really are to stay in.


Being only a short 5-10 minute walk away from Euston Station and so close to Warren Street underground service, this hotel is totally ideal for commuters coming to the city by train without having to pay to get to their destination. It also came in handy when we wanted to spend our last day exploring London at Christmas time without carrying our luggage around. They kindly allowed us to leave our things with them until we needed to make our way to the station.

From the outside, you wouldn’t imagine how spectacular the hotel decor is. The theme seems to be a fusion of art-deco with a Japanese flair to it which works rather well.  It felt grand to walk into and we were both hopeful that our amazement would continue as we checked into our room.


The room was situated on the third floor overlooking warren street. We chose the deluxe standard double room which had adequate space for the length of time we were staying for. It is ideal for couple’s or business travel for a long weekend as it has all that you would be in need for that length of stay.

I was very impressed by the facilities that were included in the room as there was a mini fridge with two free water bottles in there, tea/coffee maker, iron, extra pillows, dressing gowns and slippers, as well as TV. Also is the availability to have ice in your room as on the second floor there is an ice dispenser, meaning all cold drinks can be kept the way you want them to be! The double bed was very comfortable to lay on, and we couldn’t hear any loud noises coming from the street below which meant we both had a very good sleep after a busy day!


Included in our package was a complimentary buffet breakfast. I have not ever been so amazed by the variety of food and beverages on offer at a city hotel before, as they offer smoked salmon, fresh croissants, different plant-based milk (soy, & almond) and yoghurts (coconut), along with the usual hot and cold options. They were able to make some gluten-free toast for me which I was very thankful for. Though one thing I would have prefered to have been an option would be for fresh coffee and tea to be there for guests, as I found that the cup that was poured for me by a member of staff was not hot enough for my preference.




Both of us thoroughly enjoyed our stay and agreed that this the first place that we would consider booking again for our next trip to London because of how fantastic everything was. The staff we really accommodating and friendly, which made our stay that much more pleasant. We really do look forward to returning again in the future.


Accommodation: 9/10
Location: 10/10
Price: 8/10
Food Quality/Service: 8/10
Overall: 8/10


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