Tattu Restaurant || Manchester

For me, twenty-five is a poignant age in a person’s life, because this is where you will have begun to grasp a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you (hence the blog post about the lessons I have learned so far!).

So to mark this occasion Chris took me to Manchester for a special evening on my actual birthday dining at the Tattu Restaurant which has opened its doors earlier on this year. We heard such amazing things about the place and were ever so impressed with the photographs that we had to go!



Tattu takes traditional Chinese cooking and mixes it up with an authentic twist of their own to create signature dishes that you won’t find anywhere else. I adore Chinese food and always look out for ways to explore my interests further. So it is no wonder that we ended up here!


Situated in Hardman Square, Spinningfields this new restaurant is truly at the centre of the development of a more modern Manchester experience.

As soon as we arrived I felt excluded from the world outside the doors. The low set light creates an intimate atmosphere, whilst the bold choice of interior decor adds an interesting combination of tradition and modern concepts. Our table was the walkway that joins the upper floor seating with the kitchen and service windows. We had a full view of the upstairs and downstairs which is perfect for people watching folk like us! Plus was nice to see the bar area in full swing!

The service was second to none. We had a fantastic server throughout the entire evening who gave us such great recommendations of dishes to choose from, even gluten free options for me!

The order of service begins with your selections from the canape menu, and each one is brought out to you as it is ready rather than when everything is completed. This ensures that the customer gets the true experience that was set to be had.


First, to arrive was the Seared Tuna served with ponzu, truffle aioli and caviar. I had never tried tuna like this before so it was a first all around. It was cooked medium rare leaving the fish delicate enough to soak up the sauce beautifully.

The second order was slightly Chilli and Sesame Roasted Scallops, on a bed of crushed edamame and chinese sausage on top. Quite frankly these scallops were cooked to perfection, Chris was very impressed with his first ever taste of them!


It was then the turn of the second part of the service, our individual selections from the a la carte menu. Chris chose the Kung Pao Chicken and Singapore Noodles, whilst I went for the King Oyster Mushroom Hot Pot and steamed jasmine rice.

My dish was very spicy due to the chilli peppers being left to marinate in the pot, which unfortunately isn’t to my liking! However the mushrooms, tofu and vegetables were lovely, given that I was having small amounts of the marinade so that the flavours complimented them nicely.


The final addition to the Tatu experience had to be completed with a dessert. We were recommended their Cherry Blossom Tree which is a showpiece for all the senses! Chris had the Chocolate Fondant which oozed a glorious river of chocolate out of its centre. Though I went for the recommendation to see what all the fuss is about. I was not let down at all.

IMG_2673 2

A dark chocolate tree branches support candy floss acting as the leaves, which are set into a ‘soil’ of cherry moose, and golden nuggets of fudge. Beside this was a sweet cherry sorbet. If all this wasn’t enough to amaze you, the server poured water into the dry ice beneath the moose causing a wonderful cloud of smoke!

To see the complete experience you get with this dessert follow this link to my Instagram account! 


It honestly tasted just as incredible as it looks! Such a perfect celebratory dessert for my birthday and couldn’t have ended the meal on a better note.



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