The Townhouse Review || Portland Street, Manchester

It was just last week that I turned twenty-five and travelled to Manchester with my boyfriend, to celebrate the occasion together. I can’t believe how fast time has gone as it only feels like yesterday that was buzzing with excitement for the chance to break away from daily routines and escape away for a little while to thoroughly be in the present.

Whilst making the birthday plans I did a lot of research on where we could stay next in a place which is a city that feels like home from home. I came across The Townhouse on a number of different comparison sites and naturally looked the reviews. After seeing the positive experiences others have had it was sealed!


The Townhouse is located in the heart of Manchester city centre on Portland Street, which is a 15-minute walk away from Piccadilly Station or you can even catch a free bus to just outside the station which would take around 5 minutes or so. It’s Grade II-listed building boasts 85 rooms and has a restaurant and bar on site that customers can come to dine at even if they are not staying.

Upon arrival, both Chris and I were impressed with the beautifully preserved architecture and the modern interior that complements the traditional style the building once had. The receptionist greeted us with such a wonderful welcome and gave us all the information we needed instantly and offered to give us any advance on the local bars, restaurants, and tourist places if we needed it.


Our room was on the third floor overlooking Portland Street. You could barely hear any of the noise coming from the street below which made the stay a very pleasant one especially at night!. I was blown away with how spacious the room was for just the two of us. The high rise ceilings and windows do really make the room feel a little grander. This classic double room had a very comfortable mattress to lie on beautiful feather pillows to rest your head on. The TV faced the bed on the opposite wall, making watching TV in bed a breeze!


The bathroom was rather small however it was ample for both of us, for a one-night stay. There was a bath/shower were a bath and shower so you can have a choice to have a quick wash or a long relaxing soak!

One thing I would like to have seen is a coffee and tea maker, since me and Chris do like a lovely hot drink after a night out to send us off to sleep all snug and warm!


We had a very good sleep (though am pretty sure the bottle of prosecco and cocktails helped with that!) and woke up ready for a delicious cooked breakfast that was included with the package we chose. Once we had freshened ourselves up, we headed downstairs to the breakfast bar area to be taken our table. First, the waitress offered us  tea or coffee before leaving us for a short while to decide what we would like made fresh from the kitchen, or we could help ourselves to the continental breakfast options that were laid out. I have not stayed in a hotel whereby they offer breakfast in this way, which I think is a fantastic concept to have!


However, this is unfortunately where the positives ended. After our cooked breakfast order was taken, we watched as six or seven other table were served before us. We did not have contact from the first waitress we spoke with again, which I felt was very poor service. Both of us watched her totally ignore our table and just continue to clean up and avoid coming to us.

After 40 minutes of waiting around, I had to say something because it was getting ridiculous to see so many other tables coming and going before we had even started eating.  I asked another waitress politely about where our breakfast was and she replied rather bluntly and quickly turned away. She came back with a similar blunt response, giving no apology to our unnecessary wait.

45 minutes later we had our breakfast served. It wasn’t worth the wait.

My breakfast was just two fried eggs, one hash brown, a small number of mushrooms, half a tomato and some poorly microwaved baked beans. Chris ordered the classic breakfast and only got one sausage which was half burnt half pink, one rasher of crispy looking bacon and the same accompanying sides as mine.


However, a waiter came to our table just before the arrival of the food and offered an apology explaining that there had been a ticket mix up (it wasn’t busy at all that morning) asked if he could do anything to help make this situation better. We said that we would like to have the breakfast taken off our bill because it was not justifiable.

He came back and said because we paid through we couldn’t get the refund. When we went to collect our bags at the end of the day, the receptionist had no issue with refunding us.

So the verdict is that The Townhouse was a really lovely place to stay for an overnights stay in the centre of Manchester as it is in easy distance of many of the fantastic places to enjoy yourself both during the day and a night. However, I would personally choose to go elsewhere for breakfast as even if the service was improved, the quality and value for money are just not there.


Accommodation: 7/10
Location: 8/10
Price: 7/10
Food Quality/Service: 3/10
Overall: 5/10



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