Ready, Set, Cakes! || Honeybun’s Bakery

Even though there so many products being sold in supermarkets and even more options on restaurant menus these days, being gluten intolerant is still rather tough. One of the difficult things I have personally struggled with is having a delicious baked treat that is not made on mass in an industrial factory all the time without always having to make it myself (let’s face it, sometimes convenience is nicer than the hassle!).

After doing a little research I stumbled across Honeybuns bakery.

This British business first began with the owner and founder, Emma, cycling around with her homemade cakes delivering to cafes and deli’s across Oxford. It has now just recently celebrated it’s 20th birthday this year and is blossoming in an old dairy farm in the beautiful Dorset countryside. Not only do they still deliver to local businesses, but they have an amazing online service so that gluten intolerant/coeliac customers can enjoy their wonderful creations anywhere in the country too!


I had the pleasure to meet Emma in person when she visited my university for a food market day on campus. She was just as I imagined; friendly and heartwarming. Her passion for baking is apparent as soon as you ask about how Honeybuns came to be, which echoes through the whole team’s spirit. She kindly sent a box of her gluten-free cakes to try out for me after falling in love with a couple on the day!

As soon as the box was opened, I had such a struggle trying to choose which one to try out first! There was so much variety to select from including some gluten-free vegan cakes too. In the end, I decided to cut them a few of them up for me and my family to enjoy together.



The Peanut Blondie was very moist and chewy in texture, which wasn’t entirely expected but was still nice considering. It had a strong flavour of peanut all the way through, which personally I can’t object to in the slightest because I am such a peanut butter lover to start off with! Overall we all agreed that the idea of was there but it didn’t taste too much like a traditional blondie but did have a good peanut flavour.


A family favourite turned out to be the least expected considering how much of a sweet-tooth they all are (including me!) was the Oaty Raspberry Bar! This one was a winner on all levels. The base is just right with it being a solid structure whilst still having a sponge-like texture. The raspberry flavour is perfectly balanced with the white coating so it is not over-powering. Fair to say, I wished I hadn’t shared that one!


Squillionaire (aka millionaire shortbread) was the last to pass around and was certainly worth the wait. It has a very crumbly bottom layer, soft ‘caramel’ middle, and a soft, creamy layer of chocolate on top. Overall this was a really enjoyable bake and was backed by the clan!

I have kept the rest for me to enjoy when I am out and about and think that there might be a chance to enjoy a warm coffee and cake!


I am so glad to have come across Honeybuns bakery, because not only do I love being able to treat myself to homemade bakes anywhere I go, but it is even more enjoyable knowing that I am supporting an independent business that offers every customer their passion for what they create, who support environmental awareness and share a wonderful team-spirit together.

They have a fabulous Classic Range for when an indulgent treat is called for, as well as a new Vegan Range which is gluten free and vegan-friendly.  They also offer a lovely collection of delectable gluten-free gifts for all those special occasions, including cute gift tins.

To find out more or to order your very own box of baked delights, head to their website here:

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