Princess St Hotel Review|| Manchester

Knowing that the Northern Blog Awards was going to be an event lasting long into the evening (even early hours!), I wanted to find a place to stay. Since I was attending on my own, there was a need for the place to be ideally located close to both the venue and the train station. After a little searching, I found the Princess Street Hotel.

Formally known as The Aurora, this lovely boutique hotel is a 15-minute walk away or 6 minutes or so by tram Piccadilly train station. It is housed in a stunning Grade II-listed Victorian property which is just wonderful to look at inside and out. There are the options of private dining in their restaurant ’24 Bar & Grill’, The Lawn coffee shop, and an around-the-clock fitness centre.


Upon arrival, you get a warm welcome by the front of house who were happy to accommodate and help with any questions. When booking I had stated my dietary requirements but wanted to double check it had been received since previous experiences had taught me that it doesn’t always get through. It was a pleasant surprise that it had been registered and that any food ordered would be made specially.



My room was situated on the fifth floor which is accessed my key lock lifts or stairs. Considering I had heavy luggage the lift was definitely needed! First opinion of the room itself was great for just one overnight stay or even a weekend break. It was spacious enough for one person or two though it did feel a little close quarters. However, I do not mind as it was rather cosy and quiet to be in both night and day. Everything was clean and well looked after, which was a comforting feeling straight away.



A plush double bed with beautifully soft pillows allowed me to have a comfortable sleep whilst the self-controlled heating/air-con system kept the temperature just to my liking. The TV was in easy view from the bed and was sitting on a lazy-susan for personal adjustments, which I think is a nice touch. There was a decent size wardrobe and a good chest of drawers, which included the coffee/tea maker.


The bathroom was highly suitable and to a standard expected of the price. Though I did feel as though it wasn’t very well lit to use the mirror well, especially to apply make-up. However, just like the living area, it was very well cleaned and maintained.

In the morning it was such a nice realisation that I didn’t need to get dressed for breakfast, as the hotel offers complimentary breakfast to your room if you request an order the night before. Unfortunately, there was a timing issue as I had to call the front desk. However, it was very quickly resolved and breakfast was served!

The boiled eggs were perfectly cooked, with runny egg yolks to dip into with my gluten-free brown toast. The slices of bread were rather small though tasty. The filter coffee was strong and bitter so I made my own using the Nescafé sachets from the coffee/tea maker. Mineral water was near room temperature which wasn’t ideal for me but I am sure if I had asked it would have been brought to me ice cold.

Snapseed 3

It was a very enjoyable stay at Princess Street hotel, and would not hesitate to book or recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable stay in the centre of Manchester.



Accommodation: 7/10
Location: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Food Quality/Service: 6/10
Overall: 7/10



4 thoughts on “Princess St Hotel Review|| Manchester

  1. such a great write up of your experience! I’ve been to Manchester so many times but since I have family there I always stay with them, it would be really nice to try something new and this hotel seems like such a great one I may have to book a stay one day! maybe as a little treat haha, thanks for sharing xx

    1. Having family in such a wonderful city is the ideal situation so I don’t blame you honey! But staying in a hotel is such a lovely treat to yourself, especially when breakfast can be served to you in bed 😉🍽 x

  2. Great review with lovely photos! I’ve got a few friends who live in Manchester so have spent a fair amount of time there over the years. However, I’ve not headd of this hotel before, even under its previous name. I really like the idea of them bringing breakfast to you! Xx

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