Just To Say Thanks || HBC Awards 2018

When this blog first began, it started out as my own personal outlet for my thoughts and experiences in the early stages of recovery from anorexia nervosa. There was no set intention to be still going strong and for this to have evolved the way that things have done. It has been many years since the first blog post went out there, which has meant that it has been a long journey to get here. Though I wouldn’t have changed any of it, because each obstacle, each lesson, and each milestone has made it all worthwhile.

Although I truly feel that your motivation must always start from within, being recognised for the hard work that you put into something that you believe so passionately is wonderful and can give you such a boost in confidence to keep pursuing your aspirations.

A major part of being a blogger is to be able to be your own cheerleader; to be the strongest champion behind your blog in order to proudly speak out about what you do. If I really wanted to make something happen, then I knew that I had to find the courage from my passion to put myself forward as a nominee for blog awards. It seems egotistical or as if I am big headed when really I am actually believing in myself and in what I hope to continue growing.


Each time I have done so, I didn’t think for a moment that those judging would see potential or believe in me enough to be shortlisted, never mind win. Yet five years on from the beginning,  ‘The Growing Butterfly’ has been awarded as ‘Best Chronic Illness & Recovery Blogger’ in 2018 Health Bloggers Community Awards.

I was completely overwhelmed when my name was called out, that for once I could only manage to say ‘Thank you!” then walk off with nervous laughter which I am still embarrassed about this to this day!

With it being just over a week on from the ceremony, I have had a chance to gather myself together to put this post up to say how incredibly grateful I am to each and every one of you who has supported me so far. Without you here reading and following this blog, ‘The Growing Butterfly’ would not be what it is today.

A huge thank you to those who take the time to comment and share your thoughts with me on the subject matters I talk about. It provides a great wealth of motivation to continue creating content and connecting even more with you all. Receiving such wonderful messages of support when I am feeling down, means the world. It is a blessing to have been able to reach out to so many of you when our paths have not crossed in person.

hbc awards

I also want to give a mention to Fab (CEO of HBC) and Samantha who have both been so supportive toward me and worked so hard to put on the fantastic event. They are both inspirational women who are making a remarkable impact on the industry and will always wish them all the best for their futures.

The Growing Butterfly is here to be a place for anyone to feel welcome. This blog is not just here for my own personal reflections. It is for you to feel supported in doing the same for yourself; to discover who you truly are and flourish in life following your own path. We are all on very different journeys, no matter how similar our choices may be. We each have our own unique perceptions of things that can only be understood through our eyes alone. We will each reach milestones and make mistakes at different time points over different parts of life, but that is what makes us human!

Being an award-winning blogger has given me such a huge boost of self-confidence to keep this blog going and also to continue believing in my abilities to mould a future out of my passions.


ALSO…Congratulations to all the other nominees and award winners! Best wishes for what the future hold for you!

Full list of the winners can be found here 


4 thoughts on “Just To Say Thanks || HBC Awards 2018

  1. Huge congratulations on the award! 🎉🎉🎉 I agree with have to be our own cheerleaders but it’s always nice when your hard work is rewarded.

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