Be Your Own Hero with Free Soul

For a good while, there has been a vast amount of attention over the important role that protein plays in our life, in order to keep our bodies healthy and nourished.

Protein practically plays a part in every part of our bodies. It is made up of amino acids, which help to keep us functioning at optimal levels. There are two groups of protein sources that we need, non-essential and essential amino acids. The non-essential amino acids are created by our body, so we automatically have a good storage of them. Whereas essential amino acids can’t be produced by our bodies. In order to get in those essential amino acids, we need to select a variety of protein sources to achieve optimal health.


When I first set out to understand more about nutrition, I did get caught up in the hype over getting vasts amounts on protein every single day with every meal. Personally, this was not the most ideal choice to make, nor was it sustainable long-term, but it that stage in learning has proven a vital one in my journey. I have become more aware of my own individual needs and have taken more care to source the types of protein that are better suited to me and my body.

Since opting more of a plant-based lifestyle, I have reduced my protein intake and have felt the benefits from doing so. But also, finding sources that are more suited or tailored to the female body has been supporting the improvement of my energy levels too. This is when I discovered Free Soul a protein company that has created products developed for women.


They have worked with leading clinical nutritionists to formulate the ideal blends to bring strength, energy, and balance for women. All their products are soy, gluten, and GMO-free and unlike many other brands out there, they do not fill up their blends with cheap milk powder fillers (MPC).

I have tested out their chocolate vegan protein blend to see if they really do live up to what they claim that there is no better tasting vegan protein out there. My verdict, is they are not far wrong!


The blend itself is a mixture of premium pea protein isolate and white hemp protein, which is blended with key nutrients, vitamins and minerals; Vitamins B1, B3, B6 and B12, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, and L-Carnitine to support hormone balance, mood and energy.

Having added it to my banana and peanut butter smoothie, it blended in smoothly and added a distinctive chocolate flavour which took the recipe to a new level of deliciousness! Also adding it to my porridge in the morning resulted in a creamy texture, with no nasty pea protein taste (if you have had vegan blends before you will know what I mean by this – it can be quite strong in some cases). I was very impressed with the quality and believe that it is now a firm favourite choice.


Nearly every day I always go for a mid-morning coffee to perk myself up after a good breakfast, so trying out Free Soul’s Wake Tea was a little bit of a personal challenge because I do love the aroma and taste of coffee! Their zest herbal tea aims to energies your body and mind to get off to a great start. It contains a lovely aroma of Chinese Tie Guan Yin Oolong tea which is high in amino acids, polyphenols and antioxidants. This is then infused with a natural citrus lift of lemon, bergamot and ginger.


Now I am normally not one for herbal teas due to a lot of them not being very flavoursome or too potent with floral extracts, however, this particular tea is just the right kind of balance for my taste buds! After drinking it I genuinely felt more alert, energised and ready to get the day underway without the usual caffeine fix.

To find out more about this incredible brand and their variety of products available, head to their website and keep up to date on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages!



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