Accepting Struggle || A Frank Approach

Not a day goes by where I don’t’ come across struggle.

It is ever-present. 

Feeling overwhelmed with what is going on is apart of what makes us human. It may not be instantly recognisable for some but it will be there underlining their thoughts and behaviours. It is not a failure to struggle, nor does it imply that someone is a disappointment or hopeless. That individual is working through the fight for positive change or progress, which is affecting their belief that it can actually be done. They are chasing their dream and wondering why so much goes against them. Sometimes there seems no other option other than to given in. But that is not true.

There will be times when things don’t go according to ‘plan’ (which shouldn’t ever be followed to the letter anyway) that may start to set you back, pushing your hope of making something work out down even further.


Its a matter of fact that in life we will face adversity. There is no way of avoiding such experiences as they are out of our hands.

We have become masters of avoidance to this fact and I am going to have to be frank by saying that we have done enough hiding and we need to face reality. 

Despite that we can not eliminate struggle, we will always remain in control of our reactions and attitudes towards them. 

So let’s embrace it. 

Gaining that deeper connection and understanding of what our physical and emotional states are telling us about something, creates a greater capacity to take on what may come our way.

Becoming present, realising that ‘the now’ matters for the future tomorrows, we grow to see that dealing with problems, thoughts, and emotions is necessary and a fundamental part of the journey. Stepping away from what we wish our lives to be right now, and look at it for what it is can be freeing. Accepting the good along with the bad adds value to every experience we have, knowing that they can all teach us lessons, and enhance us.

Accepting struggle that is with us now is admitting that this road we are on to the desired outcome cannot be rushed, bought, or stumbled upon; it has to begin from within and then echoed in the actions made towards it.

Don’t stay silent. Don’t fear to feel. Don’t stop trying. 

That time or state of being that you dream of will come when you are ready to accept and embrace the struggle.

Connect with it and harness it. 

You will heal.






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