Take Back Control | Steps to Self Motivation

Where do you begin tackling a problem or making a change in your life?

You act on it!

Though, what happens when you have no drive to do anything?  

You continue to remain in the same position, beginning to grow accustomed to your circumstances, becoming comfortable knowing where you stand even if you are in distress and pain. The risk of changing anything is too overwhelming, regardless of the fact you are completely unhappy.

Recently I have found myself totally and utterly unmotivated. Through a number of personal factors, my lack of self-belief has plummeted incredibly low, to a stage where I honestly questioned if I could ever turn it back around. Despite facing adversity time after time before, this experience was unlike the others. I had built solid foundations beneath me since overcoming the depths of my mental health issues and believed that I was not ever going to feel my soul being destroyed the same way again.

Yet I had hit rock bottom. How could I get back up when I thought I had done all I could to protect myself from this?

This is when I realised, that I will never become the strongest and more confident version of myself without going through the negativity, and learn the greatest lessons about myself.

In order to become happier, healthier individuals we must push past the barriers we face in life and use them as fuel to empower us forward, beyond all expectations we had to grow into the wonderful person we really are.


To be your own motivation in no easy feat. The idea that it is you that is in charge can be rather daunting. However, my journey is proof that you can gain self-motivation even on the smallest of scales. The more you practice positive actions in your favour, the more your confidence and motivation grow.

I have come up with a few steps to achieving self-motivation that I hope can help you to become your own inspiration!

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

From experience, it is all too easy to do nothing. Playing in safe is risk-free because you are with the familiar. In a good or bad way, you already know the situation. Yet, no one ever got anywhere by staying in the same place. Could you imagine if Steve Jobs gave up after the first iMac release?! I wouldn’t be tapping away on my iPad right now that is for sure.

For example, you are aspiring to your dream job, but find yourself stuck in another job, that is just not for you. Rather than longing the days away, you need to apply for that dream job, or earn the qualifications towards it! You might need to start from within and begin to take better care of yourself, growing a better relationship with your body and mind.

Change Your Perspective

The world is not black and white. There are hundreds of wonderful colours and shades in between that are yours to paint a beautiful picture with for your future. So instead of viewing the change as one way or another, or maybe just completely negative, see that there are so many possiblities for you to actually achieve what you are setting out to do.

If you are looking at becoming more active, but think that because you can’t get yourself to the gym because of time constraints or that you aren’t currently fit enough so it isn’t going to happen, think about all possible outcomes. There as so many fantastic and simple ways to kick-start this goal and they can all be done from the home.


Become The Author Of Your Life

Writing things down not only allows you to free up space in your head but is a visual reminder that this is what needs to happen in order for things to work out for the better. Map out a scene (where you are working on your goals), hire the necessary cast (your support network) and let them all know what they need to do for it to be a great take! But every film makes several takes before this is complete, so consider back-ups in case something crops up. I love to use SMART goals as a great guide, as it makes you think about how your goal can be achieved.

Daily ‘To Do’s

It is what we do every day that will have a massive influence on our future health and happiness, so as well as your main goals, take small positive actions daily to help ensure you get the most out of each day. Have a list of no more than three things a day, that are aiming towards your goals – of course, you have to consider all other daily tasks, which is why it should not be more than three as you will find that too difficult.

There is something so satisfying about crossing out a task on a list, and it is an amazing self-motivation tool that can happen every single day!  You feel that sense of achievement more regularly and that alone can build up your self-motivation to carry on.

See It To Believe It

Pop your dreams, goals, and aspirations up on your wall, on your phone, in your daily diary or even on a little pocket sized note that you carry with you at all times. You could have it in your handwriting to make it personal to you – sometimes printed text can be passed over as we get used to seeing it. You can use quotes that remind you of your goals, and why you need to keep going.

Rationalise Your Thoughts

Finding out what has stopped you doing something different before now, gives you a greater understanding of what you really need to do for your best interests for this to work out. Getting to know where you are at, allows you to work with yourself rather than against because you can choose to slow things down a little or speed things up when you know you are ready for it.

Keep Moving Forward

This is so important to do, but also incredibly hard to stick with when things don’t go well. Remember that you have made it this far, nothing is stopping you doing it again! Hold on to your dreams, utilise the steps above and focus on what you are fighting for. The journey will make your wiser, stronger and full of new found confidence to overcome the odds.


I really hope this has encouraged you to be your own saviour, and build on your self-motivation. We are all too hard on ourselves and need to see that things take time, patience and persistence in actions to get where we dream of.



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