4 thoughts on “Why The Weight? | EDAW 2018

  1. I appreciate the sentiment behind this post, and recognise your bravery in speaking out. I would just like to suggest though that you reconsider the use of images in your post – unfortunately these can reinforce some of the misconceptions that you are trying to highlight. BEAT has some useful guidelines for this https://www.beateatingdisorders.org.uk/media-centre/media-guidelines
    This is not meant in a critical way, I wish you all the best.

    1. I completely understand what you are saying and support what you have mentioned. The reason I have used them is to show that at all stages I have an eating disorder, and that you can not define my illness just by my appearance. Of course I am aware of the implications that it can have on certain readers going through eating disorders, but believe that this is the unfortunate reality I faced in order to receive the treatment I needed. Hope that is clear honey – I never want to cause harm x

      1. Thanks for your considered response, and of course I didn’t think it was intending harm – It’s just a shame the visible illness is the only way to get support – but that is a frustration shared by many of us and certainly not due to any of us. Take care, x

      2. It is indeed. I cannot begin to express my frustration with this fact when it comes to treatment for eating disorders. Nothing seems to really be changing about this which is causing such a strong stigma. It needs to be broken for more positive recovery stories to be told. Take care sweetheart x

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