Learn to Love Yourself | Self-Care Fortnight

Take a look at a typical day in your life.
Think about what you do first thing in the morning, to the last thing a night.
Note down everything that makes up your daily routine.

Your day may be filled with completing work, tasks, and chores that need to be done. You could feel obligated to constantly on the go, never stopping for a single moment. You may be the type of person who continually puts others happiness first so that others see you as good and kindhearted. You find that you can’t even pin down exactly how you spend each day, just getting through the week without a second thought as to whether you are doing anything that feels worthwhile.

The majority of us stuck in limbo, not fully understanding why we can’t find happiness inside ourselves despite so many attempts to do many different things in order to establish this sense of contentment with the self. How is it that our efforts at doing our best to tick all the right boxes are not making us feel happy, appreciated, and successful?

Doing the ‘right’ thing isn’t always the right thing for ourselves.

Being self-centered is seen in a very negative light. Yet self-care is about centering our focus inwards and acting on what would make us happier so we can radiant more positive energy. It brings us a sense of worth that cannot be found anywhere else, which allows us to believe in our own potentials and builds confidence that we are good enough.

Self-care is something that is not taught, it is a learning process. Each individual must begin their own journey in their own way. The beauty of self-care is that there is no right or wrong, only following what is in your best interest, giving fuel to your body, mind, and soul.

Self-Care Quote

This week has the most romantic date of the calendar year; Valentine’s Day. It is branded as a celebration for relationships, making us want to show the person/people we love the most just how much they mean to us. We buy them gifts, show our affection to them and tell them all the wonderful qualities they have that we adore. But I want to ask you this question…

How many of you actually count yourself amongst the people you love?

Over the next fortnight, I hope to encourage you to join me in taking part in ‘Self Care Fortnight’ that has been created by The Therapy Directory. Its all about overcoming the stumbling blocks that prevent you from looking after yourself. In partnership with Amy Holland, the founder of I Can Cards each day brings a new affirmation to inspire you to act on self-care in whatever way that may be.


I struggle so much to practice self-care every single day, so this is going to be a good challenge to be involved in. There are so much that I love doing, yet I never seem to give myself a chance to care for me and do what makes me feel better.

Here are a just a few of the things I enjoy, that make give you self-care inspiration of your own:

  • Writing a Journal
  • Taking a Bath
  • Baking or Cooking
  • Going for a Walk in the Countryside or Woodlands
  • Being Active
  • Watching my Favourite Film/ TV series
  • Listening to Inspiring and Uplifting Music
  • Creative Photography
  • Snuggling with my Dog

Note that these are things that can all be done independently, which is an important part of self-care. Though being in the company of others is highly rewarding, being able to be in your own company is a valuable asset to have. You learn so much more about yourself when you have the chance to reflect by yourself, for yourself. This way you become more open to what you desire the most, resulting in that passion being passed on to those around you.

Look out for each new affirmation over on Instagram @thegrowingbutterfly and get involved by using the hashtag #selfcarefortnight and post a photo of what self-care means to you.


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