My Christmas Collection

It goes without saying that food is such a huge part of the festivities. The combinations of flavours are so in depth, rich and bring such comfort and joy. Bringing together people through the love of food is a wonderful feeling that cannot be matched and so I hope you will be joining me in the celebrations throughout this season by sharing the amazing taste sensations that come with this time of year.

In the true spirit of Christmas, I have put together all of my recipes for this season into one post so that you can easily find them and create something delicious for you and your loved ones! Each one of these creations have been made with simplicity and ease in mind because I know just as much as you that time is even more precious during this period. Though do not be alarmed, the flavours have still been kept as a primary focus, as it isn’t Christmas without the most mouth-watering bites of scrumdiddlyumptious food!

Frosty Rocky Road


An ideal way to use up any leftover goodies is by making my Frosty Rocky Road…well, that’s if you actually find yourself with any! There are no doubts about this being a little bit of an indulgent treat, but there is definitely cause for a little of something you fancy at this time of year…at least that is what I always myself now!

Christmas Snowballs


By far are my favourite little energy balls because they have a smooth creamy texture all the while providing you with a succulent sweetness (Nigella eat your heart out with that description!). Make these Christmas Snowballs for a family get together, a Christmas party or even just a wild Friday night in.

Gingerbread Men


These are super crumbly biscuits that a filled with seasonal spices with most dominant of them all being ginger of course. What makes these little fellas even more lustful is that they are made with healthy ingredients! Let’s face it, it’s not Christmas without gingerbread men (unless you aren’t a fan…obviously).

Christmas Puddings


For those of you who enjoy the fruitful tradition pudding, these a lovely little spin on the classic Christmas dessert – Mini Christmas Puddings! They contain the sweet zest of the humble satsuma as it is never quite Christmas without them.

Winter Warming Salad


This lovelyWarming Winter Salad captures the taste of the season. What makes this extra special is that it keeps you a having delicious nutritional meal throughout the winter – a brucie bonus when you know that chocolate tin has yet to be broken in!

Christmas Chocolate Bark

My take on Christmas Chocolate Bark is another fantastic way to use up any leftover chocolate you may end up with, or just a simple festive way to be creative in the kitchen. Plus if you do end up giving this away as a little gift, am sure that your time and effort used to make it will be really appreciated. I know I certainly would be very thankful!

So darn on your aprons and get creative this Christmas with any of this recipes and be sure to let me know what you think of them! Comment below or use the hashtag #thegrowingbutterfly if you share your foodie shots on social media.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!



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