HBCxMeet London |Branding & Networking

Found myself in London more times this year than I can actually recall. Though that isn’t a complaint by any means! I adore our capital city, as its vibrancy is so captivating and there is an endless list of things to do and see. It is a city like no other in the world, which is why I am so drawn to visiting all too regularly, despite having a student bank balance! (but its all for a good cause so it is excusable).

The most recent trip had me going along to my first ever HBCxMeet which has been on the To-Do List for months…and I mean months. Ever since this community was established I have been influenced, inspired and empowered to pursue my creative flow with photography, writing as well as engaging with other people about topics that I am so passionate about.


The founder Fab Giovanetti is the definition of superwoman. She has created something that has built the foundations of so many incredible influencers and bloggers alike. Health Bloggers Community is every blogger’s essential toolkit for finding out all you need to know when it comes to creating the best blog and social media platforms for all. Not only is she set out to take the industry by storm, she also works as a personal trainer. So it is safe to say, that this woman is seriously strong in every way possible!

I have been personally encouraged by Fab for a while now, and that is something that I can’t put a price on. To be recognised by someone as knowledgeable and outstanding at what she does is an honour. Which is why I was determined to come to this event just to meet her if nothing else.

It took place a beautiful and contemporary setting that is home to Bellavita Academy in Whitechapel, London. Here you can go on professional cooking courses or even hire out there facilities for your own means. Their clients are some of the worlds most credible chefs so you can be assured that you are in the best place to gain new skills in the kitchen.


After quite the eventful morning trying to overcome some really ridiculous travel problems (won’t bore you with the details here) I actually managed to arrive on time which was the greatest sigh of relief. Upon arrival, it was straight into mingling with other guests and finding out information from the brands that were exhibiting at the event. It felt quite apt to get into the swing of things straight away considering this was a  Bloggers & Brands Networking Event!

As always I love getting to know new faces and creating new contacts both inside and out of the health/fitness/wellbeing blogging industry. I just think is it great to find out what others are up to, what their thoughts, feelings, and opinions are on things because it can open your mind up to a whole new way of looking at things.

The brands that were there included:

  • Hannah’s Pantry
  • Yogi Bare
  • One Earth Organics 
  • Sambazon 
  • Perkier
  • Lean Greens
  • My Kit Fitness

One of my favourite stalls of the day were Hannah’s Pantry because let’s face it, I am such a BIG FOODIE! Her cakes were just incredible, and yet they are made to be natural and unrefined. There was a selection of dairy-free and gluten-free treats to be sampled (too many times!). I was a little cheeky and took two slices of cake home to try and both were just so good it was sad that the moments had to come to an end.



Seeing a brands products in person gives you a better sense of quality, care and value that goes into the designing and making of them. Yogi Bare has such a stunning collection of yoga accessories that are tailored to aid the flow of your practice. Talking to the founder Katherine Pither I can tell that this brand has its heart and soul in the right place to flourish beautifully.



Having been keen on getting into a better routine with meditation and relaxation, this event provided the perfect opportunities to gain some advice on how to introduce yoga to my week. I got speaking to Hannah Culey after the talk, and she was really helpful in some useful start-up tips to fit in with my current routine without too much interference or added pressure to squeeze it in.

The talk itself had three guest speakers with Fab Giovanetti asking all the questions to them. Niki founder of Rebel Recipes.com, mentor Rosie Solsek creator The Money Haven and blogger Hannah Cluley were there to share their personal opinions, experiences and advice to us all about how to grow your blog into a business.


Came away from the event with nuggets of information to put into place for ‘The Growing Butterfly’ and to start building a stronger plan for the future progression of this blog and my social media platforms. Of course, there is still the essential marriage of my personal/student/blogging life to take into consideration, but I really do think that in good time, things will work out for the best. Whatever that may be.


Huge thanks go to everyone who organised and took part in the event.

Continue to inspire and create a brighter future for everyone.


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