I’m a part of the Sports Philosophy team

It has been SO flaming hard to keep this a secret from you all since the moment I received the news, but the time has finally come for me to be officially announce what all the excitement and cheesy posts have been about…

I am a brand ambassador for Sports Philosophy!


This is by far the most incredible opportunity I have been offered through ‘The Growing Butterfly’ to date and I couldn’t be happier to become apart of such an amazing ethical brand. Quite honestly, it was a real ‘pinch me’ moment when it was all finalised and I was in London for a photoshoot with one of the founders Stella Hang. To say that my first photo shoot took place on the streets of London for an activewear brand that I have truly believed since day one is unbelievable!

So to get things started, I thought it would be best to tell you all a little bit of what Sports Philosophy is all about and what my role will be as part of the team.


About Sports Philosophy

In 2014, Stella and Matthias decided to create the world’s first truly ethical activewearbrand, that centres itself around creating change for a better world. They are intent on pushing boundaries and encouraging creativity within the growing market of the fitness industry. They strongly believe that they are here to promote long-term and sustainable social changes.

Their collections have continually provided unique prints that have been given such attention to detail, and have been inspired (so far) by geometric shapes and landscapes. The materials have been carefully sourced to provide the highest quality for versatility and practicality. So whether you are a runner, gym-goer or yogi, there couldn’t be a more suitable brand than this one

However, they are so much more than just a sportswear brand.Sports Philosophy is that that have established their own charity dedicated to fighting child labour called the “Freedom for Children Foundation”.


“We strongly believe that every business has a responsibility to give back to society.”

They have merged for-profit and non-profit to support a social cause. Every single action that they take, they always have their ethos underlining it all. Already Sports Philosophy has made a positive impact on the third-world through their work and they have so many remarkable plants aspirations still left to do.



Being an Ambassador

Having learnt a little more about the brand, you can understand why I feel so honoured to be an ambassador for Sports Philosophy and cannot wait to become more involved with the work they do.

Also, I have my very own affiliate link which I hope you will use to support not only ‘The Growing Butterfly’ but also this brand because it really is outstanding for what it stands for.

I will be creating content for the blog and social media, which will be promoting their collections, progression of the brand and the fantastic work that Sports Philosophy do with their charity.


To kickstart the role, I will be heading back to London on December 2nd for their Winter Wellness Day which has a jam-packed schedule for a full day of activities and talks, along with a delicious brunch and pop-up shop with other ethical brands to purchase Christmas gifts for loved ones.

The day includes a Barre Class with Zara Williams, Wellness and Meditation with Alison Canavan & Tone & Om with Kim Hartwell. Safe to say you will leave this event walking on cloud nine and feeling very much in the festive spirit of togetherness.

To get your tickets follow the link here

So I really hope you can join in celebrating with me on this achievement in my ‘blogging career’ (even though I really don’t think I can claim that title yet!).


Here’s to many more moments like this to come!


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