T​aking The Veg Pledge

So you may or may not have seen (or just not even bothered) but I am going to be commiting to a whole month of being meat-free. Yes, this girl is going to go without her daily dose of her beloved chicken all in the name of raising money for charity. Call me crazy if you want, but this is something that I really beleive will not only do me good, but also make a small difference to other people’s lives who are in desparate need of support.


Cancer Research UK have launched a campaign for November for people to take part in the  The Veg Pledge in order to fundraise and help spread the word about the work that needs to be done to prevent cancer from ending people’s lives too soon and to one day find a cure for cancer.

Why choose to do this?

Cancer affects everybody’s life at one stage or another, whether that be personally or through a dear friend or family member, it will create a lasting impact on us all. It is something that I have seen happen to a few people in my life already and that has given me the detirmination to do something proactive to help change the way cancer is causing such extreme pain, devestation and grief for so many.

Due to funding so far, there have some remarkable live-saving discoveries from the research conducted by the likes of Cancer Research, which is making such a huge difference to the way treatment is given and how much awareness there is out there. However there is still much to be done.

From 2010-15 that number of cancer patients rose by 400,000.

There is an estimated 2.5 million people currently living with cancer and that number is set to raise dramatically in the coming years.

Now more than ever before we all need to take care of our health and place it as a number one priority for the goodness of yourself and those around you. We need to share this positive message by supporting others who need a helping hand in getting the best quality of life there is no matter what their circumstances.

The Benefits


Cancer Research has put together a list of some of the top benefits of taking part in this month-long challenge. But I just want to share some of my personal favourites too which might convince you to think about doing it yourself :

  • Superfoods
    There is no deny it natural sources of nutrients are the finest available and they contain all the vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids that we require to function at optimal level.
  • Helping The Planet
    By reducing the amount of processed foods and meat produce, you can make a big impact on our world. Opting to consume less meat mean that you reduce carbon emissions, deforestation and protect animal welfare from the extreme lengths that the modern world are taking it too.
  • Variety is the ‘Spice of Life’
    I have mentioned this before now, but there is so much excitment and enjoyment to be had with food. Mixing your meal choices up can really alter your tastebuds in the most flavoursome ways. Also it can never get too boring if you are always looking for new things to try out.
  • Rewarding for others & yourself
    Obviously, the whole main of this pledge is to raise money for charity, so that in itself is a big insentive to do this and leave you feeling proud of yourself for doing it.

Tips to make the veggie swap

Once again, the team behind Cancer Research have put together a wonderful list of things to help us all get prepared for making the switch to a vegetarian diet. It is awfully overwhelming to think about making this huge change to your lifestyle, but once you put plans into place, you can take each step one at a time. These are just a few tips from yours truly that are going to help me make this challenge successful and also taste pretty darn good!

  • Get Clued Up – Do a little research behind vegetarian, plant-based and vegan diets so you get an idea of what it all entails.
  • Creative in the Kitchen – discover new recipes (pinterest will become your new best friend!) try out new food sources you have never tried before and see what delights you can come up with to change the way you think about going without less meat in your life!
  • Find Meat-free Alternatives – Protein doesn’t just coming from animals or seafood, the natural sources you can find in the ground and on trees can also contain the right amount of protein that you need to stay healthy and feeling energised.
  • Be Inspired – follow other veggies on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube to keep you inspired to stick at it. Or you can even buddy up with a friend or relative to this challenge and motivate each other!
  • Share the Joy – when you feel the benefits of making this changes to your life, why not spread the joy with others by cooking for them and letting them see what you are enjoying about doing this for a good cause.

Hope that is has given some of you a little inspiring to think about taking part in the ‘Veg Pledge’ with me! Would be great to have others on board whilst I do this.


If you would like to support me throughout this coming month, I would be so grateful if you could sponsor me with what ever you can to help raise some money for Cancer Research UK.

Here is my fundraising page link – Sarah Leanne’s Veg Pledge


All photo credit to Cancer Research UK


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