Why I Chose to Follow My Heart | Social Media Vs Real Life, Part. 2

Since the last post, there has been a lot of deliberation over what decision I would come to as there is so much to take in with the choices that I am going to be making. Not only am I toying with the possibility of pulling the plug on the whole social media/blogging industry, I am also thinking about the complete opposite of seeing a potential career opportunity if I can make it work out. It has caused me a lot of confusion and stress as to what would be the best move to make.


However, alongside all of that, there is my personal life. The life I have been building foundations for since the very beginning of ‘The Growing Butterfly’. As I mentioned before, this is where this blog was born; through the desire to share my journey and to hopefully help others to see that they too can overcome their own adversities. So as you can imagine, this blog has come to mean far more than first thought. It has become my escape, my way of expressing the reality of what is happening and how I am learning to see beyond the boundaries the negative thoughts capture me in. It has also become a way of staying in touch with my creative side, whether that be baking, cooking, photographing or writing (always been a practical person!). But above all, it has given me the greatest opportunity to connect with others who have gone through or who are experiencing similar journeys themselves.

Countless hours of overthinking and so many conversations with loved ones about this whole thing, I have come to my decision.

The sole purpose of this blog was to create a space for people to come to, in order to find a glimmer of hope amongst the chaos in their own mind. I believe that by sharing my own story can give something to those in need of a guiding hand, a support network, a friend and a chance to begin their own journey of self-discovery. Which is why I am going to continue to blog and share content across social media.


I have invested so much into this now that it would a shame to through it all away because of how I perceive the industry to be. Even though I may not tick every box for a typical ‘social media influencer’ or ‘blogger’ that is because I am exactly who I am and that will not change. ‘It is important to stay true to who you are’… if I believe in that statement, then I ought to stand by it and practice it for myself.

So what does the future hold for ‘The Growing Butterfly’?…

There is no real way of knowing exactly what is going to happen. But having goals, dreams and ambitions that you put into action can really boost your chances of succeeding. By sticking to the things that I believe in, and feel passionate about the most, the pressure is eased as it will feel more natural than if I tried to conform to what everyone else seems to be doing. Recently found this quote from Coco Chanel that puts this attitude into words perfectly “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”. 

When I refer to staying true to myself, that means honouring every single thing that I value the most in life. One of the greatest lessons I have learned is how much following your heart above everything else makes a difference in how well you do. There are a handful of unbelievably kind-hearted people that I am surrounded by that they are really there for me unconditionally. Some of them have been there since the very beginning. Some have come into my world along the way. But each and every single one of them means more to me than I can ever tell them, no matter how long I may have known them for. It is the things they have said and done for me that have ultimately saved me from the darkness I was confined in.

So even though I am going to carry on, my offline life is my number one priority. Under no circumstances do I intend to let my blog or social media prevent me from doing all the things I want to and create long-lasting memories both on my own and with those I love. For some, they may feel the need to make more time for their blog, but personally, I have had to sacrifice too much precious time in order to be where I am today to let any more slip away.

Now is the time for me to take action on all of this. This is where I need to make some important changes to the way I run this blog, social media and also my mindset towards future growth. It is not going to be easy, nothing ever worth having is. But I have no doubt that every last effort to get where I hope of being will be worth it.


Thank you all for your continued support. Hope you stay around to become a part of what is to come.



2 thoughts on “Why I Chose to Follow My Heart | Social Media Vs Real Life, Part. 2

  1. I often have the same thoughts as to whether I should stop with blogging and social media. You’re not alone but you are unique and have inspired so many people by sharing your journey. I would sorely miss your presence if you were to ever stop blogging xxx

    1. This is such a wonderful response honey 🙊 Glad to know I am not alone in thinking these things, but also strengthened by the love & support for people like you. I adore you and would not want you to disappear from my life whether that be on or offline x

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