Wellness Wednesdays | Moddershall Oaks

Ever since my first time at Moddershall Oaks I have wanted to make a return back to their tranquil grounds as soon as possible. The feeling you get as soon as you drive along the winding road towards the main entrance just makes you feel right at home. So when my friend mentioned to me that they had recently launched a new rolling programme into their timetable called ‘Wellness Wednesday’, I just had to experience what it was all about for myself!

This evening package that was launched for the first time in June this year, consists of a tough bootcamp session that takes place in the fresh outdoors (in a beautiful location!) which is followed by a complementory post workout smoothie that changes flavour each time. You can then recover in the spas hydrotherapy pools, outdoor jacuzzi or their kelo wood sauna which is the greatest way to unwind after all that hard work.


So, to kick start the evening, I was challenged to a circuit training bootcamp led by fitness instructor Andy who is a force to be reckoned with! But his energy and enthusaism is exactly what you need to keep you motivated and detirmined to complete the full workout. We warmed up with a quick jog around the lake and around the premises before heading up to the main sight for the real work to begin. The location of this workout was in one of the fields in the grounds so the scenery was amazing as you overlook the lovely countryside.


The group was split into two and each had their own instructor to take them through different parts of the session. It was a tabata style workout which involved us all pushing ourselves to our limits for 20 seconds, resting for 10 seconds before repeating for another 8 rounds! The first half was strength based leg work using barbells and the second was bodyweight exercises that really gets the heart rate high!


Of course I loved the weights much more than the cardio but that didn’t mean to say I don’t stop giving my all each set. However, I did struggle to keep myself balanced when I was on the hillside doing burpees and squat jumps! Reckon they could do with making sure everyone is on a level footing before starting any plyometric work. But overall was a refreshing change to my usual training routine and left me feeling energised which is what you want from a good workout.

Walking back into the main enterance you are welcomed in once again and offered your post-workout smoothie to give your body the nutrients that it needs to replenish and repair your muscles. This weeks flavour was banana & mango which was really delicious! It was a thick creamy texture packed with essential protien and vitamins (me and my friend went back for seconds!).


The best part of the evening for me was being able to completely relax whilst using Moddershall’s excellent facilites. It was a wonderful way to catch up with my friend Louise, and we both decided to celebrate the occasion with a cheeky virgin mojito mocktail. My favourite place to spend time in the spa is in the outdoor jacuzzi as you are comforted by the hot bubbling water, yet still able to enjoy breathing in that summer air. Though I have to admit, the hydrotherapy pool is the place to be to allow your muscles to relax because the jets of water give you a fantastic back massage.


So if you are feeling stuck in a rut with exercising or just fancy something different, I would certainly recommend you give Wellness Wednesdays a go! I will certainly be going again next month as it is just the right type of thing to shake things up a little and allow myself to refocus on what I really want to achieve.

To book your place on the up coming dates click here.


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