Confessions of a Blogger

Been meaning to write this post for a good while now, but ironically life has been hectic and stopped from me dedicating my spare time towards ‘The Growing Butterfly’ which isn’t something that I have been particularly happy about. However this year I have already discovered a whole new way of viewing things, and it has given me a new take on how I think and deal with blogging and social media.

To start from the beginning, since I began this blog (over three years ago) for my own personal documentation of recovery, there has been so many positive life-changing events that have made me more aware of what I really value. By sharing my journey with you, it has helped in more ways than I could have imagined. Never would I have seen myself talking so openly and honestly about my deepest insecurities and feelings. Yet here I am, three years later studying psychology and counseling, and developing my own style of content for ‘The Growing Butterfly’. By giving hope, inspiration and positive vibes to others through my social media platforms and this blog, I have grown stronger and more confident in my ability to go on and guide others towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.


However, back when I started blogging, my life was dramatically different from what it is today. I was extremely isolated, having no social circle except for my family. This allowed for more time to be spent concentrating on creating more and more for ‘The Growing Butterfly’, which is something that I don’t have anymore, but with good reason. As I have grown stronger in body and mind, doors have reopened and new ones have been found. There are many different things going on now that even I struggle to keep up with! Though I would not change any of part because I have worked damn hard to get here.

So on this note, I thought I would share a few things about being a blogger and how it isn’t all it is cracked up to be, especially when you aren’t among the well-established bloggers in the industry.

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Used to think that it would be a lot easier to grow your following in the blogging industry (Oh how naive was I) but I soon discovered just how much hard work goes on in order to climb that ladder. Though the aim has never been to simply become ‘popular’, I know that the bigger the audience, the more chance you have of making an impact on people’s lives. Quite often when people ask questions about my blog, I do struggle to explain this because it does appear to be more straightforward than it actually is. A number of different factors should be taken into account on how fast a blogs following will grow, and there are quite a few that I am still fighting against regardless (such as my location).

Working For Free

For as lovely as it seems to bake, cook, travel, workout and chat away all day on snapchat, it doesn’t pay. Well, at least not at first anyway. It takes an awfully long time before any blogger gets paid for any of their work, which means that you really do have to have a lot of willpower to keep creating content with not much return. This is where I believe you need to have a REAL purpose behind the blog/social media platform. If you have a good ethos that is true to who you are, then that alone should drive you past the struggles of growing your following.

As I am not in this for the fame and fortune, I will continue to go on as I am; simply be true myself. Hopefully, this honesty is what will bring you to love what I have to offer and give you the self-confidence and motivation to pursue your own dreams and ambitions as we are all worthy of having a for-filled life.

My Life Comes First

You may have seen me mention that I don’t have enough chance to work on my blogging/social media content due to, well, LIFE! It is something I shouldn’t apologise for but I can’t help but feel sorry because being creative and caring are two huge parts of my personality. Not being able to do all that I enjoy as much as I used to anymore because new responsibilities that will ultimately lead me to where I want to be, is a sacrifice that has to be made.

For as much as in can pain me to put ‘The Growing Butterfly’ to one side, I respect my values far too much to give them up for social media. For so long I have been hidden away, unable to spread my wings and fly freely, so I don’t want to miss out on any more of what this world has to offer. Hope you can understand this.

Time is Precious

If I gave as much time and energy as I did in the early days right now, I would not be doing well at all at university and I would definitely not have the friends I do. For as much as I see blogging as a part of me, it is not my number one priority. How could I ever develop amazing friendships/relationships, make new memories, study really well at university and focus on my own health and happiness if I always put ‘The Growing Butterfly’ before everything else?

Being in the first year of university, I am still finding that work/life balance and hope that this time next year things will be in a better routine but for now, I have to put things into perspective and give my time to the most important parts of my life.

It Isn’t Always Sunshine & Flowers

Most of the time you will catch me with a not so flattering ‘resting bitch face’ as I am concentrating on studying or thinking about what I will have to eat next. Like everyone else, my motivation is not always there and there is no shying away from the fact that I have my fair share of down days too. It would be wrong to disguise the reality of my life from you because then you would get to know someone who actually doesn’t exist.

By sharing the highs and lows, it makes my content more relatable, more realistic and more believable. There is so much power in words, so putting real experiences out there for others to learn from can make all the difference to how they develop their self-confidence and self-esteem.

There you have it, just a few little insights into how I feel being a blogger. It is a lot of hard work and dedication, but all with the best of intentions when you are doing it for the right reasons. One day, I hope things will be successful in ‘The Growing Butterfly’ because I have so many ideas for what it can do for others. But for now, let me just go about making my life even better as each new venture comes.


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