Be Bold for Change | International Women’s Day 2017

For those of you who think that Internation Women’s Day is just about being an extreme feminist and blasting out masculinity from the face of this Earth, you would be very wrong. Over these past few years, I have given more attention to detail about what it really means to be a fair feminist, honest feminist, an equality feminist.

From my personal point of view, supporting and campaigning for women’s rights to be treated with equality, respect and given the opportunities to pursue their dreams in this world, is nothing to be ashamed of. There is so much discrimination in this modern age, despite how much we have advanced since time has begun. Millions of women are being oppressed or being subjected to abuse all because of their gender.


Since 1911, when the very first IWD was founded by suffragettes, both men and women all over the world have been brought a greater focus to equality and celebrating unity. It is an incredibly powerful platform, helping to create gender parity as well as praising women’s achievements in social, cultural, economic and political areas.

This year’s theme is #BeBoldForChange which is all about taking a stand and join the forge for a better world that appreciates, respects and brings tenacity to both genders. I truly believe that we all deserve to have the same rights no matter what our gender, sexuality, religion, race or cultural beliefs. There is no reason that can justify the level of discrimination that still exists today and with campaigns such as IWD, we are getting closer to a stronger, more unified world.

” Feminist: a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes” 

– Beyonce ‘Flawless’

I am constantly inspired by so many incredible women of all ages. They hold some of the greatest qualities that any human being can possess, and they are using them to make a difference to our lives, and give hope and positivity to those who need it. Women like Emma Watson, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Opera Winfrey, Lena Dunham and many others continue to speak out about how powerful, brave and important the women of this world are. I have women in my life who are shining beacons of light and inspire me to follow my dreams and allow me to see my own potential.  It is women like this that give me the courage and strength to spread my own message with you, as I really hope to encourage others to seek self-acceptance and learn to love who they truly are.

So this year, I want you to join me and thousands of others in submitting who you will Be Bold For Change. Follow the link and share your action for change, and give thanks to the women in your own life who have made an impact on you. Let them know that their efforts and sacrifices have no gone unnoticed and show them that you are going to do with the positivity they have shared with you.

Hope you don’t mind but I am going to pay a little token gesture to this most irreplaceable women in my life…


You shone the light on my yellow brick road before the bricks were even laid down for me to step on to. When I could go no further, you carried me on your back until I could stand up again. Every single day I am eternally grateful for everything you do. From the greatest tokens of love to the smallest gestures, there is not enough ways to say how thankful I am for you. I really hope that I am making you as proud as you make me. After all these years you still have no idea what a remarkable women you are. You lift so many people up, and go above and beyond to help someone else out, but it is about time to started doing the same for yourself. I am going to live out my wildest dreams in honour of you (and Dad & Abbie too) in the hope that you will see just how much of a influence you had on me.


I love you Mum 

Now go share with your special ladies just how much they mean to you!


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