Coping with the Unexpected

Exactly a week ago, things couldn’t have been more different.

I had woken up around 2 am in the morning on Sunday with the most extreme pains in my abdomen and that started to wrap around my lower back. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before and that was what made this all the more worrying for me.

Not going to go into heaps of detail with exactly what happened, but I will say it in short;
2 am woke up in extreme pain that just grew worse and worse as the day went on. With worry, my parents called the paramedics who took me to the hospital where I stayed the night on a drip.

After several tests, they discovered that I have a cyst on an ovary. This is where my heart fell to the floor. Out of all of the things that could have been wrong, that was one of the last things I was hoping for. With my periods stopping for over 5 years, I have worked hard to restore my health back for them to return, as for women it is a normal healthy body function. So to hear that I have a problem that I can’t do anything about I panicked inside, making sure no one else could sense the fear of the future.

However, I was later reassured by the doctor on duty that more women than first thought have benign cysts and have no idea about them. But unfortunately, in some rare cases (such as mine) they can cause horrific amounts of pain and other physical issues. So other than taking a course of antibiotics and having plenty of rest, nothing could be done to stop this issue from occurring again.


I wanted to share this deeply personal experience with you because I believe in honesty, and with honesty, you can relate to me a little more. The aim is to help you to see there are highs and lows in everyone’s lives behind any social media platform. The unexpected happens to all of us, and I am definitely no exception to that. I hope that this sort of content doesn’t come across to anyone as ‘attention seeking’ because I am never after sympathy. All that I hope to do is encourage you to see that there is a way to overcome anything life throws at you.

On that note, am sure you are wondering how I am feeling about it all a week later. Considering I have had quite a bit of time to reflect and re-evaluate things, it has occurred to me that I cannot predict the future. There was a time I never thought I would get a tattoo. I got one. There was a time I never thought I would get my periods back. I got them back. There was a time that I believed I would never make it out of my eating disorder, yet I have made it. Who is to say that I will ever have this same problem again? How can I know that things will get worse? Of course, there is a possibility that it could, but what good am I doing for myself if I let that fear rule over my life in the meantime? None.


The ability to overcome the obstacles you didn’t see coming is amazing when you are prepared to be open-minded to other possible outcomes than the worst. Having a positive mindset is really tough in these sort of situations, but it doesn’t make it impossible to achieve. Seeing the hope, the optimism in the future is a wonderful thing and can aid the best to come out of the bad experiences you have.

This week away from my busy and active lifestyle has taught me many things, but the main thing is that I need to put myself first. I needed learn that it is okay not to be okay from time to time, so therefore I should respect my body and give my mind a rest away from worries.

Hopefully, this has given you some food for thought about how you handle the unforeseen problems in your life. Maybe you too could be kinder to yourself and see that you deserve to believe a little more in yourself to get through it no matter what.


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