Moddershall Oaks | Autumnal Retreat

After a surprisingly busy month and feeling under pressure with a number of things, it was really nice to know that I was being treated to a full day at Moddershall Oaks  near Stone, in Staffordshire. They kindly invited me and a friend, to come along to their family-run luxurious countryside spa and soak up the atmosphere that is so tranquil from the moment you set foot inside.

At Moddershall Oaks you can take yourself away for the day and have the full pamper treatment or even go one step further and have an overnight stay in one of their 10 stunning bedrooms.


Upon arrival, we were welcomed in by friendly staff who all introduced themselves and talked us through our day. After checking-in, we were given a complimentary freshly squeezed orange juice in the spa deli, which is right next to the outdoor courtyard. The interior decorations are really refreshing and modernised, instantly giving you that sense of peace and calm that you want to experience during your time there. All guests are given complimentary dressing gowns, towels and flip-flops (upon request) though you will want to take the gowns home because they are like wrapping yourself up in a fluffy cloud!


Since this was my first time at Moddershall, Marie (one of the lovely members of the team) showed us both around the facilities available to us during our stay. Situated in the countryside, you are surrounded by a picturesque landscape that can be explored to your heart’s content. The newly renovated outdoor courtyard includes a kelo sauna and a heated vitality spa pool that overlooks some of the grounds, so on a beautiful sunny day you can’t help but be in awe of nature. Vicky and I, spent quite a bit of time in there, as the temperature of the water was perfect, allowing our entire bodies to unwind and soothing our muscles. The best of it is, you could enjoy any drink of your choosing whilst you were in the pool!



The kelo sauna was amazing, even though it is made out of wood (which is a little hard on my back) it was ideal for a cleansing 15-minute session after a soak in the pool. You can see through glass windows out onto the courtyard, which allows a lot of natural light, though.


Next to the courtyard is a relaxation lounge, which is home to an open log wood fire, that goes through to the outside. This is the place where guests sit quietly, lounge around or dose off in the comfortable settings. Honestly, I could have moved in here, it was heavenly! The sofas were so soft to lie on, and everyone was respectful of the need to keep noise to a minimum.


I need to note here, that no matter where we were during the day, about every half an hour or so, someone came up to both of us and asked us if they could get us a drink or help us in any way. With this being a family-run business, the attention to detail is outstanding. The standard of service and welcoming of every member of the team we met was so nice.

There is also a gym and tennis court available for those who which to partake in a more active retreat. Given that we were only here for one day, we thought it wise not to pack our sports bras (never mind!).


Time passed by soon quickly that before we knew it, it was lunch time. Due to pre-ordering our food when we arrived, all we had to do was make our way down to the restaurant in our swimwear and dressing gown, and enjoy the food! Now that is what I am talking about!

As part of the package, we both had a two-course meal, all made with organic and locally sourced produce that are selected based on the seasons. The quality of food available is to a really high standard, so you are certainly spoilt for choice. I was pleased to know that they could cater for my gluten-intolerance and assured me that most of the meals are gluten free.


For starters, Vicky went for a chicken liver pate, focaccia crisps, Cumberland sauce and red onion marmalade, along with a cheeky blueberry mojito. Whilst I went for the fresh smoked salmon tartare, creme fraiche and citrus dressing. When it arrived it was a shock to see the size of it, as I was only expected a small serving. But this was a really good portion of beautifully smoked salmon.



Now the mains were something else. I had serious envy of Vicky’s choice, as she chose their char-grilled Moddershall steak burger in a homemade bun, red onion chutney, mature cheddar, relish and triple cooked chips! It smelt as good as it looks.


But since is was off their seasonal menu, I decided to go for the autumnal vegetable risotto, parsnip chips, and watercress, asking for some chicken to go with it as I am a proper meat eater. It was unlike any other risotto I have ever had before, as the combination of flavours is the essence of the season.


Once we had been filled up to the brim with our food, we went for a stroll around the grounds outside of the restaurant. This is where guests can hire out to get married right next to the lake. Even on a cooler day (we were so lucky that the sun was out!) you really feel so relaxed when you let go of the worries you are carrying.


But after a while in the fresh outdoors, we decided to get back to the courtyard and dip back into the vitality spa pool to warm back up again. We were able to put our worlds to rest, whilst enjoying each others company. It can be so hard to juggle my social life with my work/study life, so times like this I really do appreciate more than anything.


Moddershall Oaks have a variety of treatments available, that are suitable for all price brackets. You will know that you are getting a quality treatment when you know that the house product is Elemis.

In the afternoon we were booked in to have our treatments for the day. We parted ways as Vicky had a pedicure in ‘The Snug’ whilst I was taken to the treatment rooms on the other side of the spa, to have my very first massage. Even the waiting area had me starting to de-stress, as I was surrounded by dimly-lit lights and flickering candles. I was lucky to have had on of the senior therapists, Karen, to give me my treatment. It was recommended for me to have one of their seasonal treatments, so there was no doubt that I wouldn’t choose to go for the ‘Gold Honey Back Massage’.


The treatment lasted for around 25 minutes, but it really did fly by. I cannot describe how good it felt to have the tension released from my neck and lower reigns of my spine. Really glad I went for a ‘firm’ touch, as this style of massage is rather gentle, and I knew I required quite a bit of pressure to feel the benefit of it!


When the daylight started to fade away, we took ourselves inside and ‘tested’ out what was available to use insides. The indoor facilities which included an indoor pool, steam room, hydrotherapy pool, heated tiled loungers, showers and reflexology footbaths. I was most intrigued by the idea of those heated tiled loungers, and I was not disappointed. They were unbelievable, as they create a natural curve to your body as you lie down. If only there was a way to take on of those home with me, I would be set for life.

I am so thankful to have been able to enjoy everything at Moddershall Oaks and to share it with my friend too. There are no doubts that I will be returning in the future, even tempted to have an overnight stay…or too!

If you want to see some of the footage that I captured from the day, to get a real feel for this place, follow this link here for my youtube video.




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