Be REAL Project | Be Enriched

I have had such a mind-opening couple of weeks at the start of this project, having challenged myself to be more reflective of my behaviours, thoughts, feelings and beliefs that all influence my day to day life.

Giving yourself the chance to look into your mindset, does give you a clearer perspective on WHY you do, say and act in certain ways that may actually be a detriment to your wellbeing.

I encourage anyone I talk to about self-confidence issues about themselves, to reflect upon their outlook and expectations they have for themselves and see if they really are benefiting their ambitions. This gives them the foundations for their journey to finding a greater relationship with themselves, in body and mind, and supports maintaining their positive changes.


Another important aspect of creating these life-long positive changes is to be appreciative of what life has to offer you. This week marks the beginning of the second phase of The Be REAL Project, called Be Enriched. It is defined as to ‘improve or enhance the quality or value of’ an aspect or several aspects of your life. There are a few different stages to this phase, but all play key roles in generating a healthier and happier lifestyle for you.


First of all, this stage hopes to learn to appreciate the wonderful things that you have around you a little more than you do already. Whether that be the home and environment you live in, the things you own or have at your disposal, the opportunities you have or have had in the past. It could be the places you have been to see, the career path you have chosen or you are working towards establishing. But it is the love and support you have around you on a daily basis, that I really hope is enhanced during this phase. Overall, the aim is to become enriched by what life has to offer you. Take all that there is to be had, and use it to empower your quality of life, in ways that no amount of money can buy.


Also within this phase, it is a chance to take a closer look at how much value you place on the food and drinks you consume to fuel your body. There is no denying that what we eat and drink has a huge effect on our health, both physically and mentally. By gaining a wider understanding of nutrition, you will be able to make the greatest choices for yourself at any given time, understanding the importance maintaining a healthy balance (let’s face it we all need to have something ‘indulgent’ every now and then to keep us focused!). Having food and drink that enriches our health and happiness, will benefit all areas of your life, as well as encouraging you to take care of your body in the way it is meant to be.

DSC_0008 2.JPG

I will stop right here, as there is far too much for me to talk about straight away and I wouldn’t want to overwhelm you with it all! So on that note, there will be a few more blog posts on this phase (subscribe to my blog updates to be the first to hear about them).

Remember to reflect on your thoughts and actions, and see how much more for filling your life can be by being true to yourself, and doing the best by you and only you.




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