My Stay at the Novotel

You may have seen that I turned 23.

Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a greater week, as it really was all that I needed to make me see the positive things that I have around me, as well as highlighting the achievements of the year since my last birthday.

As part of the celebrations, I decided to head to my favourite city, with my mum in tow, and have a couple of days down there soaking up the atmosphere and going to some new places. But with an overnight stay, came to the obvious question, “Where do we stay?”. After doing some searching around, I got in touch with Novotel who kindly invited us to stay at their beautiful Brentford hotel. An opportunity like this has never happened to me before, so there was definitely something worth happy dancing for, before the trip had even begun.



The price of one night stay in the superior room would be £75 for a twin bed. For a four-star hotel in London, you cannot disagree at what fantastic value that is, especially when you take into consideration what there is within the premises itself.

After a long day of exploring the city on Friday, we arrived at the hotel (due to the early nights, in the darkness) and were instantly impressed with the look of the building from the outside. It is easily accessible from central London by rail or tube. Situated near the M4, there is no missing this place.


Once we came through to the reception, we were welcomed to the hotel by the staff, who were very attentive to us and carefully explained all that was available to us during our stay. It offers a whole range of fantastic facilities including the following:

  • A Restaurant serving international cuisine, that has a terrace
  • A wonderful atmospheric bar, where pets are welcome!
  • Indoor heated pool, sauna and fitness centre
  • 18 hole golf course
  • Meeting rooms with top-quality facilities
  • Room service available, including breakfast (upon order)

It was really unfortunate that I couldn’t have tried out all of what this hotel had to offer, but it just means that I must have another stay in the future!

When we arrived at our room on the second floor, we both could believe our eyes. It was totally unexpected to see such a high quality & modernised room (you can find out more about my reaction to watching this vlog). The room is incredibly spacious for a twin room, including a walk-in shower. Upon first impressions, I thought it was a little bit personal to have a see-through shower which can be seen from the beds. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that you can manually adjust to having frosted glass when using the shower! There is a double wardrobe, divided by a floor length mirror, and on the end was the all-important mini fridge (it was empty but I will let them off for that). Tea and coffee facilities were pristine clean and looked like they had hardly been used. So whilst we both settled down on the beds and watched ‘Gogglebox’ on the TV, we both enjoyed a warming cuppa to help us to relax and unwind.


Now let’s get to a really serious question, ‘how comfy were the beds?’.
Honestly, they were like sleeping on clouds. The mattress moulded to my body but gave me support throughout the night, which made me have a much needed comfortable sleep. What also allowed me to have a good 40 winks, was the fact that you couldn’t hear anything from the nearby motorway (those must be some seriously sound proof windows) as well as having black out curtains.

Waking up to my alarm through the Bluetooth speaker was a really nice touch. It was also great to listen to my own music whilst getting ready to go down for breakfast.


Finally ready, we headed downstairs to be greeted by such a wonderful member of staff named Charlie. She guided us to one of the booths, asked us for our hot drink of choice to be made up (which you could have unlimited cups of) and then told us all about how the breakfast service works. There is a whole array of hot and cold food to be had, and upon request, you can have poached eggs or porridge made up for you. Though as I am gluten intolerant, certain foods were obviously off limits and more often than not there is not an alternative for me to enjoy. However, it was such a wonderful experience to be offered gluten-free toast and cereals, and if I so desired, the chef would be willing to cook up a completely fresh plate of the hot foods, so that there was no chance of contamination. Now that is service as its best for me!



The quality of the food was great, all that was provided was definitely cooked fresh and kept to a good warm temperature. I particularly enjoyed the bacon, poached eggs on the gluten-free toast, along with their grapefruit juice. Though me being me, I just had to ask to try the porridge, and I was not disappointed, as it was a really creamy texture. The tea and coffee facility was self-service and produces a rather nice cup of frothy cappuccino. My mum mentioned to me how nice the tea was, and that is definitely a tough thing to get right for her.



There is nothing that neither my mum or myself could say about our time at this Novotel in Brentford. It may be a 30-minute taxi ride, but there was nothing to be disheartened about when we got there. The only problem was that we couldn’t stay for longer than one night, so I hope they would be happy to have us come and stay again sometime!

Make sure you check this place out when you plan your next stay in the capital, trust me you will have a wonderful time.


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