Why I am leaving PT

Whilst lounging around in the sun all day in Crete, I had A LOT of time to think things over. When I say things, I mean everything – my past, present, future, university, career, my blog, relationships and ambitions. The one major lifestyle change that I kept turning back to, was my personal training business, and how it would work alongside my university studies.
As a female (this is not to say men don’t experience this either) we are expected to simply juggle several different tasks all in one go, without giving it a second thought. With the rise of the this ‘superwomen’ attitude, growing ever more prevalent in society, more and more of us are starting to buckle under this enormous amount of pressure. I have always been a perfectionist, striving to do my best at all times, so this is something I know of all too well. But something has to give for a balanced lifestyle.
This career and education balance plagued me, making me uneasy, restless and confused about what to do for the best. After taking some time away from my family, and the familiar surroundings I was used to in Crete, I found myself way up in the hill sides of Hersonissos. It was here that it all started to become clearer, and finally I was able to see what my head and heart was calling me to do.
As you will already know by now (if not where have you been?!) I am a personal trainer, based in Stoke-on-Trent, and have been working with clients for nearly a year now. It has been an incredible experience, one that has shaped and moulded me and made my future ambitions clearer than ever. I love being there for my clients and guiding them to improve their body and mind together. However, in order for me to improve and grow my knowledge in this, taking on an educational study seemed to be the best move to make.
So I applied for university, and within days of doing so I heard back and was successfully through clearing with a place at Staffordshire University, studying Psychology and Counselling. To me, this was fate, to hear back and be accepted in a short space of time. Someone else thinks I can do this !
But, and this is a BIG but, (not a big BUTT, get it?!) due to the lecturer timetable and
studying hours that will be required for the three years, how will I cope juggling my growing business? My hours would be extremely limited, not giving my clients or myself enough flexibility to get the most out of the services I provide. When I do something, I give my all, there is no way that I would be happy with myself if I was to have my head in two very demanding places. So with a heavy heart, it feels right to put my one-to-one personal training business on-hold, until I believe that I can give my clients my all again.
There are still doubts, it’s a huge choice to except the need to prioritise one thing over the other, my instincts are telling me that education comes first, and these years are going to be vital in creating my future, and for what I aim to achieve in life. Since my mental health issues, I have wanted to help others, raise awareness and spread a positive message that we are all capable of loving who we truly are, and to support others into improving their mental wellbeing above anything else. My experiences alone are not going to give me enough tools to do this.
We are all individual and respond to different ways of recovering or making positive changes to our lives, so gaining a qualification in this field is so important to me.
I will continue to keep in touch with all my clients and hopefully work with them at some point again. It is going to be a sad farewell to my time at Lifestyle, but it marks a new beginning.
University is often said to be some of the best years of your life, and that is my intention. Being held back by illness will never stop me from gaining these opportunities in life, it has robbed me of too much time already. So now, it is MY turn to show the world what my BRAIN is really capable of.
I know that there is no need to justify my decisions, but it is vital that I share my journey with you, holding up no barriers to the truth. I want you all to see that this is YOUR life, YOUR choices, YOUR future, so go with what feels right for YOU. There was no easy road to where I am at right now, but it has all been worth it. This is MY road. Trust in your abilities and use them to your advantage. Follow that dream, chase after that goal, make that change and one day it will all fit into place.
If I can do it, so can you.
Cause let’s face it. I’m nuts.

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