Peas & Love | Chickpea Benefits

Since becoming a little more intrigued into the vegan lifestyle, I have discovered a new appreciation for the much loved chickpea. I have been using chickpeas for a number of years in my recipes, but never really given much thought to how versatile they really are in the kitchen.

Chickpeas, also known as Garbanzo beans, are apart of the legume family, and are rich in fibre and high in protein. They are a fantastic alternative for vegetarians and vegans for a good quality protien source, as servings tend to contain around 15 grams. Though chickpeas are not a complete protein, so do require to be accompanied with other protein sources for optional health.

Other benefits of these lovely little peas, is that they are high in manganese which supports bone development and health, as well as folate, which helps with cell growth and brain function.

So how can you get more chickpeas into your intake? They are so many fantastic and creative ways to do so. But one of the simple and convenient ways is to grab yourself a pack of ‘HIPPEAS’ organic chickpea puffs!


After a recent discovery in a local Boots store, I have been really impressed by how great these taste, despite the fact they first began as a simple chickpea. HIPPEAS kindly sent me out a whole box of all their flavours to try out and share my thoughts on them.

They have a lovely crunchy texture, resembling the shape of a ‘cheesy wotsit’ but personally, with more exciting flavours. Their ‘far out fajita’ is my favourite of the lot, with just the right level of spices to give you a little taste of Mexico. I am also a huge fan of there ‘sweet and smokin’, as they have a beautiful BBQ essence to them. The ‘pepper power’ is not quite to my liking as I am not a big pepper lover, but they were still edible, as I could appreciate the flavour. But ‘In Herbs We Trust’ (such great puns going on here) are really tasty, even got my mum in on the action, and she certainly approved!

All of the flavours, are made with naturally sourced ingredients, with no nasties. Not only are they vegan, but they are also gluten free! To be these are a completely all round winner.

If you fancy getting a little more creative with how you get in some more chickpeas, then why not try out a few of my recipes that contain this star ingredient?


The savoury option of Butternut Squash & Chickpea Curry, will go down a storm in any household (if I do say so myself), as it has a beautiful blend of herbs and spices, mixed into a creamy sauce.


There is also this Classic Hummus Dip that you can add as healthy snack to your day or accompany your meal as a starter.


Or if you are a sweet-tooth, you could treat yourself to a batch of my delicious Peanut Butter Blondies. The smell of the baking away in the oven, is enough to get your mouth watering that is for sure!

How else do you guys like to get your chickpeas in? What recipes would you like to see me create with them next? – comment with your thoughts below.

Peas & Love  x 


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