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It is not just the general public who look to fitness, health and lifestyle bloggers for inspiration, but those who are bloggers themselves. I have so many unbelievable people that I look up to in this wonderful industry that I find myself in, and I do owe them all a huge thank you for giving me the courage to pursue my own dreams.

Though I can’t name every single one of those bloggers/vloggers I thought that I would give you a little round up of some of my favourite British accounts to follow, that give me motivation on a daily basis to continue on a balanced attitude towards life. These are all fantastic women who are diverse in their interests, characteristics and content but they all have one thing in common; they have beautiful souls.

Alice Liveing

Clean Eating Alice

The Instagram sensation ‘Clean Eating Alice’ is not only an absolute goddess in the kitchen, whipping up so many nutritious meal ideas (her book ‘The Body Bible’ is available to buy), but she really is a true inspiration to women. Alice is a professional dancer, turned fitness blogger and encourages everyone to look after themselves, following their own beliefs in what makes them healthy and happy.  She really is one of my favourite people to watch and hopefully one day I can tell her how much she has helped me to find peace with myself.



Carly Rowena

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous and lovely lady with a pooch for a sidekick?! Carly certainly has nailed it on the head with growing an amazing following of health and fitness enthusiasts, as well as delving into lots of bits and bobs through her lifestyle blog and vlogs. Her adorable french bulldog Steven is hilarious to watch on snapchat and pop up in her vlogs! Which is just an added bonus to what Carly herself stands for.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 14.04.51

Gauri Chopra

Gauri Chopra

It is such a joy to see someone who has faced adversity that is not always spoken or even heard about. Gauri is comes from an indian heritage where by health and fitness isn’t always the most excepted thing in their culture. But despite this, as well as facing personal health issues, Gauri has come out on top and now has her own personal training studio in London! She helped herself through improving her nutrition and lifestyle habits as is able to manage her anaemia without medication.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 14.00.57

Grace Fit

Grace Fit UK

Having recently met her in person, Grace is undeniably as honest and open in reality as she is through her snapchat and vlogs. Taking social media by storm in just under a year, Grace really is a remarkable person who I do look to for inspiration and a reminder to appreciate my body. Though she may not come from a fitness background, this girl is living proof that you can achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle no matter what you do.


Hannah Darvas

Someone who is very close to my heart, and has truly helped transformed my life, is the wonderful Hannah Darvas. She too as suffered from eating disorders, so she knows exactly what it is like to go through such hidden torment in your own mind. She has been able to overcome the odds, in order to go on and support others through her social media to improve their own attitudes towards body confidence and self acceptance. What I love about her the most, is her zest for exploring the wonders of the world, shining beauty on what we often take for granted and embracing life with open arms.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.48.41

Stephanie Elswood

Healthy Chef Steph

Where do I begin with this multi-talented beauty? Like Alice, she is also a professional dancer, but is also apart of a band (incredible singer). Along side those amazing jobs, she runs ‘Healthy Chef Steph’ creating some of the most ‘drool worthy’ creations and makes us all wish we were one of her house mates! I absolutely adore Steph, she is grown to become a wonderful example of what every women should aspire to; loving your true self. Plus she has a killer booty!


Jess Wreford

Having recently opened up about her struggles with an eating disorder, Jess is really one of the most courageous accounts I follow. Her openness to her many followers, is something that I applaud. It is so important for people to see and hear of the real you, and there is no doubt that Jess does this with ease. Her positivity and optimism for the future, is inspiring. Along with her new-found self acceptance, Jess really is one to watch.


Emily Lovaine

Since discovering Emily through Instagram, I have grown a strong bond with her despite having never met before. We have both gone through personal battles with our bodies, that have taken a tole on our lives. But Emily has given me the light through darkness to shine brighter than ever before. A photographer, creative designer for her own brand and a personal trainer, to name just three of her many job titles, this lady really knows how to pack so much in to one days work! She really is a leading light to follow.



Melanie Murphy

Melanie’s Youtube Channel

This little cutie is from Northern Ireland and truly has a heart of gold. I look forward to watching her latest daily vlogs because her sense of humour and total honesty with herself. Plus you have got to adore the Irish accent! Like a number of this bloggers, Melanie has suffered from eating disorders, and is working so hard to promote a positive message to the world, about how to take care of your body and mind. She has gone through so much to be where she is today and I take my hat off to her for never giving up.


Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.51.38

Tashi Skervin

Fellow blogger/ vlogger, and friend from afar, Tashi has been such a wonderful support to me through her content and on a one-to-one basis. As an avid runner, and fitness lover, it is no wonder that Tashi has been able to work with so many incredible brands since she began her blog back in 2010. Living in London, she is at the heart of it all, whilst working in a different industry to her passion for health and fitness. I really do admire her hard work and dedication for her races, as running isn’t exactly my favourite sport!


Zanna van Dijk

I have been following this lady for as long as I can remember setting my account up (I remember ‘theblondehealth’ days). Zanna van Dijk has taken the world by storm in the past year and I am so proud of all of her achievements so far. Sharing her jam-packed lifestyle on a daily basis, as she runs about London from meeting after meeting, doing photoshoots and so how finding time to train really hard in between. Her advocacy for balance is so lovely to see. With her book coming out towards the end of this year, it is a true testament to how beautiful Zanna is on the inside as well as out.

Seriously, the list could go on, but I really don’t want to keep rambling on!
Hope that you found this blog post helpful to seek out some new motivation to pursue your own journey through health and fitness, discovering a positive balance for your body and mind.

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