The Oat Games | Mornflake Event

Seriously, this is just insane.

Not one, but TWO events in one weekend! Is this really happening to me?!

I am so unbelievably grateful for being personally invited to Mornflake’s event in honour of the Olympics this year, entitled ‘The Oat Games 2016‘.  It really hasn’t quite sunk in yet that things are really starting to take off with my beloved blog and social media. Proving that with patience and consistency, hard work will eventually pay off!

Mornflake have been a family owned business since 1675 – making them the longest established oat mill in the UK and the real home to British oats! Founded by William Lea, for 15 generations, Mornflake has been producing some of the finest oats you will ever taste. If you follow me over on Instagram ‘@growingbutterfly’ you will know all too well how much I adore a delicious bowl of zoats! But they hold the key to many more creative recipes both savoury and sweet.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 13.45.31
Photo Credit – Mornflake

So considering how much I love and support this British and family run business, I was thrilled to be invited along to enjoy the day. On Sunday 24th July, twenty bloggers all gathered together to take part in a jam-packed day, consisting of a killer 21 minute CrossFit session, delicious post-workout food, and a lovely yoga session, all taking place in the middle of one of Mornflake’s famous oat fields.

The day didn’t look promising weather-wise, but there was no way that it dampened our spirits as every single person who came was so happy to be there amongst it all. There were so many people that I had never had a chance to met before, so it was wonderful to get to know them in person. That is what I love so much about events” they bring together like-minded people, so that form stronger bonds and build friendships.

Vee Fitness Food & Emily Gets Strong

On the agenda for the day, we were being taught how to do CrossFit, which is a high-intensity workout program, with varying functional movements. Having never tried this style of training before, I was both excited and nervous for what was to come. The way that Crossfit is structured is that you have around 20 minutes to complete AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). We were partnered up and I had the lovely Natasha Wynn (@DanceFitFlow) who was the motivation I needed to get myself all the way through those killer 20 minutes! It really did help having someone else doing it with you, as if I was left to it, there would be no way I could imagine myself lasting so long!

Dance Flow Lift, Natasha

It was so bizarre to be out in the Cheshire countryside, doing Crossfit in an oat field, but it certainly makes for better reading! The WOTD (workout of the day) included running, jumping, sledge pulling, tyre flipping, and far too many burpees! My favourite part of all the workout has to be the hay jumps, as it really did lift my spirits up as I pushed myself to the limits.

After that amazing workout, it was definitely time for some much deserved post-workout treats, with thanks to Nicola Whitehead from ‘Nic’s Nutrition‘. She designed the entire menu especially for the day, all of the recipes included one of Mornflake’s products, proving how versatile they can be! There were refreshing smoothies and energy bites to munch away on (all recipes can be found here) Personally, the date & oat balls are the best, as they have a lovely hit of cocoa powder in them!

Twice The Health, Hannah and Emily

Next up was a yoga session, led by none other than TheBoys of Yoga‘ who are just incredible. It is great to see men take this sort of exercise and mediation more seriously and make a career out of it. Though it was a little awkward practicing a relaxing yoga session on hay, I did end up relaxing in the end (even if I struggled to do some of the poses).

Yoga Session with ‘Boys of Yoga’

To finish the day off with a cherry on top, we were all gathered together for a huge group shot taken from the drone, that was filming the day. Honestly, felt on top of the world, knowing I was amongst so many talented and inspirational people, who share similar passions to myself, and believe in the benefits of health and fitness.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 13.44.55
Photo Credit – Mornflake

We were all given a huge goodie bag to take away so that we could come up with our own creations with some of Mornflake’s products (stay tuned for my recipes!). I much look forward to trying out their GO Porridge oats, as they contain 7g protein per serving.


A huge thank you to everyone who made ‘The Oat Games’ possible, it was a brilliant success and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with the team behind my much-loved oats. Also a big shout out to all those new and familiar faces who I got to meet! The likes of Grace Fit, Twice the Health, Gains 4 Girls, Gauri Chopra, Emily Gets Strong and Vee Fitness Food  (and everyone else too!) it was a pleasure to be with you all and get to know some of you a little more.


Life really is wonderful. Opportunities like this I could have only dreamt about even less than a year ago, and look at me now.

Watch the full vlog of ‘The Oat Games’ over on Youtube by following this link!

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