Nutri-Brex Brunch | London Travels

Never before have I been personally invited to a health & fitness event. So when I was sent an email from Nutri-Brex about their up and coming launch of a new product, being held in London, I had to jump at the chance!

I have been enjoying the delights that Nutri-Brex has to offer since they placed their first product on the supermarket shelves and have not stopped since. Been a cereal lover my whole life, being gluten intolerant does limit the options of what I can actually have these days. But what these guys have created has been a revolution to my diet! These breakfast biscuits are so lovely and ideal to have when you wake up or as a snack on the go.

But let me take you through the whole of my experience travelling to London, as well as attending Nutri-Brex Brunch to introduce ‘Coconut & Crispy Rice Nutri-Brex’ to their rapidly growing brand.


My travels involved an overnight stay, which to put it frankly, it was different. I have never stayed in a hostel on my own before, so to end up in London at night, walking the streets to find the place to stay, where not many spoke much English, was pretty daunting. At the end of the day, it was just a bed I needed to stay in, as there was no chance of my getting up at silly o’clock to travel down for a 9am start!

Checking out nice and early, I awaited my complimentary taxi to arrive to take me straight to the venue, which was at The Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch. This is a stunning hotel on Great Eastern Street, with funky decor and a laid-back atmosphere. Once I ordered a coffee (priorities) I sat down to await other bloggers to arrive.


It wasn’t long before I was joined by another blogger Jade who is @jadejoselyn on IG. We instantly got chatting away about all things health and fitness, that before we new it, we were being called in to begin the breakfast brunch.

Inside the venue, was what only can be described as an inside greenhouse or conservatory, in the middle of the hotel’s restaurant. It has a wonderful glass roof so natural light awakened the room as well as myself. The turnout was surprising as every single marble table was filled (moving about was a little tricky!) with keen bloggers/influencers ready to take those all important shots.


The event began with an introduction from James CEO of Nutri-Brex who explained the journey so far and what he hopes to continue to go on and achieve. Then Ceri Jones, Chef and recipe creator for the event, talked us through how she came up with the recipes and how versatile these breakfast biscuits can actually be. I mean who knew you could make chicken nuggets from them?!

Then came the main part; the brunch selection!

Honestly, I was blown away by what variety was on offer, all created with Nutri-Brex as an ingredient. Naturally, I grabbed a bit of everything, as you couldn’t resist the temptation to see what it all tasted like because it all looked so good. Though as Jade kept putting out, my food was going colder by the second, as I just had to get the perfect shots from all angles (blogger bug-bares).


There was Granola, Energy Bites, Avocado on Toast, Banana Bread, Blueberry Pancakes, as well as two smoothie juices; one berry and the other full of super greens. Overall, the pancakes win hands down, for there insanely fluffy texture that fills you up gently without feeling overwhelmed with a heavy aftermath. Plus the blueberries complimented the flavour of the sponge so nicely.

After indulging in as many pancakes as I could possibly manage, along with the rest of the food, the event drew to a close, giving us all a chance to mingle some more before leaving with a big goodie bag of amazing things. It was lovely to make new friends and connections with bloggers who have different styles and content. Having a wider variety of people gives me more inspiration in areas that I hadn’t given much thought to. Plus I managed to gain some excellent bloggers tips and tricks for future projects and expanding my own content and raising awareness about what I am trying to achieve.

Since travelling all that way, it would be foolish not to make the most out of the trip. So with that in mind, I said my last goodbyes to everyone and headed into Old Spitalfields Market with Rachel from Healthy & Psyched and explored new territory in one of my favourite cites.


Needless to say, I had a wonderful time and couldn’t thank the Nutri-Brex team enough for inviting me down and putting on such a lovely event. Their new breakfast biscuit is hitting the shelves this week (from what they were saying) at Waitrose, Tesco, ASDA and Ocado.    I definitely recommend you go grab the nearest box to you! It is a scrumptious twist on the original. The coconut brings a subtle sweet change of flavour, and the crispy rice adds a delicious crunch.

View the full vlog of this trip here on my Youtube channel.






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