Kiki Health | Review

On my discovery for improving my health and wellbeing, I have found that there is a minefield of different tablets, powders and natural remedies, not to mention the countless different brands available. It is really hard for me to trust a brand based on what they claim to offer. This is why product reviews are so helpful, as they can provide an honest in-depth answer into any questions you may have over a product you like.

So it happened to be on one particular visit to RAWR, that I stumbled across this undiscovered brand, Kiki Health. Instead of instantly purchasing, I wanted to get some more information about what really would be most beneficial to what I am looking for. The day I sent an email to Kiki Health and explained what I am looking to improve in my current lifestyle. To which they have kindly sent me some of their products to try out, and to create a review on what I really think of them.

This is the first time I have done a complete review, so I am stepping into new and exciting territory in the blogging world! 

About Kiki Health

With a diverse range of products, created to promote optimal health & wellbeing, whilst maintaining the highest quality, purity and integrity for their consumers. They believe that “health us fundamental to happiness” which is something that I also have complete belief in, so it felt right to give this three products a go.

The Products

Each one of their products, is ethically processed to preserve the maximal natural benefits. They have proteins, greens & superfoods, digestive health, essential fatty acids, aloe, algae, probiotics, minerals, detox, fruit and cocoa powder. All are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as well as being natural free from any gluten or wheat.
I enquired as to which of their products would be most suited to improving fatigue, hair and nail growth as well as improving my overall health in one. So they sent their Alkaline InfusionAcai and Baobab for me to try.

Alkaline Infusion

To obtain optimal health, our bodies need to keep a good pH balance, which is made unstable by over-consumption of acid-forming foods such as grains, meats, dairy and fast food. When our bodies digest these foods, alkaline-rich minerals are released into the bloodstream to stabilise pH levels. If we are not getting in enough alkaline food sources, our bodies will pull these important alkaline minerals from other areas of our bodies. This can cause fatigue and a lowered immune system.

Kiki’s Alkaline Infusion, has a neutralising effect on the body, so that it can regain its natural pH balance. It is rich in calcium, potassium and vitamin C, which all help to improve fatigue. Also it helps to promote hair and nail growth, and builds collagen for our skin.

This powder, is taken 2 teaspoons at a time with water or juice, but I have only ever felt the need to have it with water, as the sherbet lemon flavour is so refreshing!It really does prevent me from feeling low on energy, as it has even stopped me from reaching for a coffee! (now that is a miracle).


This word is pronounced ah-sigh-ee, this little berry is commonly found in the amazon rain forests, and as been used as an antioxidant fruit for centuries, as a way of healing, stimulating the immune system and energy boosting. They are low in sugar, and contain a high level of potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, as well as vitamins A and C. Its benefits cover a wide variety of things, but for me most importantly, it helps with digestion as vitamin A helps with metabolism.


Having never tried a acai bowl before, receiving this as one of the products was the perfect opportunity to try one. I was really surprised by how lovely it was to enjoy this energising superfood bowl. The natural sweetness of this dark fruit, gives a tangy taste to any smoothie or recipe. The quality of the powder is so clear. You can tell that you have got the most excellent source of acai, so you can be assured about how much good you are doing for yourself.


A whole food derived from the African baobab tree, also known as ‘The Tree of Life’ thanks to it being used for centuries as a natural medicine. It comes as no surprise that is has been benefiting the lives of so many for years, as it is one of the world’s highest anti-oxidant capacities, having more than double that of the blueberry!

Its subtle tangy citrus flavour, brings a great twist to your post-workout juice or even just on its own with a little bit of himalayan salt (natural energy drink) to replenish your bodies electrolytes after a sweaty session. My experience with it has proven that it does give you that sense of rejuvenation and alertness if you have worked so hard or are lacking in energy. Plus it has a great effect on your immune and nervous systems.

My Review

Overall, I cannot really fault any of the products for what they are set to provide for you. As mentioned, the quality is superb and excellent for giving you that confirmation you have invested well into your health. There is no doubt I will be purchasing from Kiki Health in the future, as they have the right ethos and standards that should be looked for in a brand.

Hope that is has given you some extra information for your own knowledge basis, when it comes to choosing the right products for you and your individual health requirements. If you would like me to do more in-depth reviews like this, please pop me a message below and I will go in search of the next products to try before YOU buy!




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