Well Fit Event

It has been such a busy weekend for me, with a week full of firsts. I had barely stopped since the start of the week, but I headed straight out after work on Friday for my first team night out since I started at Lifestyle Fitness. Then I had to get up early to catch the train to Manchester for the first WellFit UK event!

I have been meaning to spend a day in Manchester for a good while now, but this was the ideal excuse to get out of my hometown, and mingle with like-minded people. Plus it was made even better that I got to attend the event alongside a very dear friend of mine, Ruth, who really is just one incredible person.

Anyway, after arriving at Piccadilly, we both made our usual pit stop at Starbucks (naturally) and felt like total health bloggers ordering our coconut and soya coffees to go! Ruth had arranged for an Uber to come and collect us and take us straight to the venue. It was the best option for the day as it was pouring down with rain, so catching the Metro would have been a disaster!

The event took place at Victoria Warehouse, which has a lovely urban feel to it, with a moody atmosphere with some sophisticated decor (get me with using big words!). It felt like we could have been in the middle of London, which I figured was the idea. As we signed in and collected our free branded bottle, we started to mingle and say hello to familiar faces. I have already met Ash Goodwin (Co-Founder) on a few occasions so it was great to catch up and see his new venture grow.

At around 10am the HiiT session began, led by Kevin Odea. Put it this way, I was thankful I brought a spare change of clothes. It was a killer workout! None stop rounds one after the other, which I felt was a little too intense for those new to health & fitness but really gave you an insight into what you could be capable of. Kev was enthusiastic and kept pushing us all to keep going.

What I was really thankful for after that was a gentle yoga session led by Sadhana, who has been practicing and teaching yoga for well over a decade, so we were in really good hands. Though my mind was not quite in the moment all the time, I always appreciate taking that time out of the chaos and reflect back to my body and mindset.

During sessions, we had the chance to continue mingling and networking, which I was grateful for as I was not expecting to see Beth Trueman there! I have been following Beth for a couple of years now, and so it was wonderful to meet her in person. We have something in common as we both suffer from mental health issues, which instantly made me relate to her. We spoke about our journeys, how to manage day-to-day with our problems and how important it is to share our stories through social media. I really hope that I get to meet her again in the future.


The final part of the day was a Talk and Q&A with Lainey Keogh, known as ‘Lady Bopster’ on social media. I will be honest and say I had not really heard of Lainey prior to WellFit UK launch, though hearing her journey through health and fitness was good to listen to. She has made a great transformation in her attitude towards herself and now aims to maintain a balanced lifestyle, which appears to be what WellFit UK is all about.

“We believe that everyone should be given the knowledge, information, and support to make their lives the best they can” – WellFit UK Bio

At the end of the event, we were all given a box of My Protein goodies worth £40 which is pretty impressive, to say the least. Also, a lovely lady from 9 Bars was there sharing out some of their range, which I think is really tasty!


All in all, it was a great event, with lots of potentials to get better and better as they expand their following and share their message to the fitness industry. Thanks to Nikki, Laura, and Ash for putting a lot of hard work into the day and I wish you all the best for the future!


2 thoughts on “Well Fit Event

  1. Great review. This sounds brilliant. Wish I wasn’t busy on that day.
    See you at the next event?

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