Be REAL | A New Chapter

For those of you who follow me on social media, you may remember me mentioning at the beginning of the year that I have big ideas in mind for 2016, as I really wish to make my dreams become reality and inspire others in the process.

Well now it has come to that time where I feel that I can talk about this project that I have been working on by myself. It is something that is ambitious, bold, challenging but there would be no fun if it was going to be easy (though it would stop me stressing out so much). By putting my thoughts out there, I am sending out the message to you all that I really am passionate and determined to make a difference, what ever it takes.

I am launching a project called ‘Be REAL’ that aims to empower you to become the best version of yourself, taking care of your body and mind together as one. The ethos behind the project is to create a community of like-minded individuals who wish to improve their health, happiness and wellbeing. To share positivity and experiences, and ultimately learn to accept and love who you truly are.

What is it?

The reason why it is called ‘Be REAL’ is because we need to take a step back out of the bubble clouding our judgments over what it right and wrong in life, and look more towards who we REALLY are. There are four different stages to the project that make up the word ‘REAL’:

  • Be Reflective
  • Be Enriched
  • Be Active
  • Be Loving

Each one goes into the areas of your life that need to be taken care of, and worked on to be able to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle that is ideal for you and you alone. With every step their are two ways to look at them, through the body, and through the mind. It is important to look into both areas to be able to love yourself. No one deserves to spend their life unhappy with themselves, after all the strongest relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. You are with you far more than anyone else, so that is a long time to spend time with someone you don’t like!

Why have you created it?

With a world full of instant access to every source of information, photographs and documents you can think of, we are becoming more and more obsessed with having the ‘perfect’ body, eating habits and lifestyle. Just basically having the best of everything. This is an extremely dangerous environment to live in, to grow up around, as it goes against all those lovely messages you may have had said to you as a child ‘be yourself‘, ‘don’t compare yourself to others‘ and my favourite one, ‘do your best and that is all that matters‘. So this project is my way of expressing the need for a big mindset change towards the health and fitness industry.

It upsets me deeply to hear and know of men, women, girls and boys, hating themselves for not having a good enough job, punishing their bodies for not looking a certain way, for not having a big social circle or an incredible relationship, and many other negative thoughts about themselves. Having experienced a lot of personal hardship over the years, I know exactly how much pressure the world we live in puts upon us all, making our lives seem pathetic, useless, not good enough, when there is no one path that will suit everyone.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, or what stage you are at in life, it is possible to overcome and achieve anything that you set your mind to, and that is exactly what ‘Be REAL’ is about; discovering that self-belief.

Social media has become a world domination way of communicating with others anywhere in the world. Though the advance in technology are amazing, this opens up so many more doors to developing a negative relationship with it, and also with yourself. Having access to snippets of other peoples lives can distort how you view yourself, leading you to putting yourself down and wishing you were somebody else or doing something else. There are many positive influencers within the health and fitness industry, but I do still believe that there isn’t enough being done or spoken of when it comes to the mind. The images and captions that are put out on a daily basis, can have such an impact on an individual life, and as a blogger, I believe it is my responsibility to project the right message and not to deceive anyone of my followers from the REAL truth.

How ‘Be REAL’ will work

So I hope to make a difference by continuing to share my story, in the hope that others will follow, so that more and more people open up and share their personal adversities. Having a positive community to go to for inspiration in times of self-doubt, can be one of the most enlightening and encouraging things there can be. You can see that you are not on your own, there are many more out there who have gone through, or are experiencing difficulties that you had no idea about before.

The project is beginning with weekly workshops in my hometown at the gym I work at ‘Lifestyle Fitness’ and will run for six weeks. During this time I will encourage those who attend to work on developing their own self-confidence and learn to love themselves more, through each of the four steps. Along side this I will be creating blog content about each week and hope that you will get involved and share your stories as well.

I have explained in a little more detail the reasons behind why I have started this project over on my Youtube channel ‘Sarah Leanne Rose‘ if you want to find out more about it and how you can get involved.

It is a big ambition, that I will not deny. However, in my opinion it shouldn’t matter if I am not very well known in the industry, I am still entitled to voice my thoughts, share my dreams for the future and hope that someone, somewhere will join me in making this project happen.

Please get in touch with me about your thoughts and feelings on this project, as any feedback would be appreciated. Hope that you will support me and the project as is develops in any way you can.

Be REAL, Be You




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