Stuck in a Rutt || Break out of a Plato

Life is filled with goal setting, whether you think about it consciously or not, you are always making goals for yourself. It can be something small and simple like cleaning your bedroom, walking your dog, or something remarkable such as securing your dream job, home, or even traveling the world.

Setting yourself these goals are all well and good, but actually achieving them requires a lot of hard work, time and patience. You will begin with the great intentions and get off to a great start, then somewhere along the time,, you hit a BIG BUMP in the road.

It all seems hopeless.

You can’t do it.

You are a failure.

Good for nothing.

So you give up and return back to wishful thinking of something better. You think that you are the only one who can’t get to where they want, which only enforces this negative train of thoughts. Though actually, you can overcome anything that you set your mind to (believe me!). Having this negative attitude towards ‘BLIPS‘ can end up leaving you worse for wear in the long run.

Blips are everything and anything that puts a stop or delay towards your goals. They can be great or small in the impact they cause, but they are all things that we are capable of solving and moving on from.

You need to develop your own positive process that is suited to you and you alone, to help deal with these blips whenever they come your way. Here are a few of my own tips to guide you to fix the problems…

Accept that it has happened

Don’t dwell on it, realise that it has happened, it can’t be undone. Though you can change what happens from here and that is where all your energy and thoughts should be spent. Mulling over the bad things are only causing a deeper dent in your progress, it creates an embedded chain of negative energy, telling you that there is no way you can do it. But it is possible, you just have to accept it and move forward.

Know it is Okay

We all make mistakes, have setbacks, it is human nature. No path runs smooth as they say, and so understand that it is normal and will turn out okay eventually. Don’t beat yourself up because you chose to do something against your goal, or if something out of your control happens and you think ‘why me?!’, some things are set to challenge us, and it is these challenges that make us stronger, wiser and prepared for the next one.

Learning Curve

Every experience you have you will learn something from, good and bad. So when problems arise, or when you are going through times of struggle, open your mind, to look at it perspectively not objectively.

Often we panic in stress and can’t think RATIONALLY, so take a few steps back and maybe put someone else in your shoes, as we tend to go straight towards self-doubt and put ourselves down before we have even thought of a way forward. Ask yourself if it was someone else, what do you think of it now? How is it different for you? What would you advise them to do? How can you do the same for yourself?

Sharing is Caring

Whatever the issue someone will want to help. Every one of us has someone who cares, and you may not even realise it until you share your problems with them. Whether it is professional help, family, friends, partner or beloved pet (I am aware they don’t talk back but you get what I mean!) they can ease the burden and start to help you make sense of things with a clearer view.

Discover Others Journeys

There is not only yourself who will have been through similar issues so it can be of great help if you looked into how other people dealt with their own situation, how they felt, who they did to get out of it, and maybe you will see then that there is a possibility of still achieving (there always is).

Having support from those who have gone through or are still going through the same thing can give you that courage to keep going no matter what because you know you are not alone, and that together you are stronger, and it can give you a boost of confidence.

Build a Base

Now that you have accumulated your evidence against your negative beliefs about not being capable of moving on, got your support in place and seen others have done it, you need to set foundations, that you can always fall back on when things are tough. They can be your mantra, principles at the centre of why you started in the first place. Allow that initial rush of emotions that spur you to make that all-important leap into action when you start out, take you past the blips and steady you back on course.

This may seem quite a vague description of what to do, and that is because it is down to each individual to work their own way forward. We all work and think in different ways so there is no ‘one rule suits all’,  you must be optimistic, open-minded and prepared to put in a little bit of time into working this out for YOURSELF. Only you know what it truly best for you to do, so it has to ultimately be you who decides what to do.

Follow your own Yellow Brick Road!



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