Beach Body Ready || How to Get There

Summer is fast approaching (even if the weather is telling us otherwise) your holiday may already be booked, you are counting down the weeks, days or even hours until the day you get away from the daily grind!

But wait a second….

What are you going to look like in that bikini?!

How are you going to feel walking onto that beautiful beach full of people?

Now, this is the dilemma we ALL face year on year. Even I become concerned about the way my body will look in that vital two-piece silhouette shot. It is the pressure that comes from every single advert on the telly, in magazines, from our nearest and dearest as we talk more and more about slapping on factor 50 and tanning it up with the best of them.

Do not fear though, as I am here to help you banish the doubts that you can’t make yourself feel and look more confident when you set off on your adventures. All that you need to do is follow my step-by-step guide to achieving your ultimate summer bod!


STOP comparing

In a world full of billions of other people, there is only ever going to be one version of you. You are unique, you have highlights and flaws, just as much as the next person. Your body is the same, it is unlike any other and is yours to look after – so do it wisely!

What you see splashed across the media is this unrealistic ‘ideal’ of what we should look like. It will have you running round in circles trying to find the quickest and most effective way to achieving that ‘perfect body’. But that is not possible – you are you not that person you use for ‘inspiration’. You are more than what you value yourself for, so don’t discourage yourself for not looking like someone else, when you have the power to make the most of the beauty you have that is unique to yourself.

Take a moment to understand the ‘WHY?’

This is something I try to instill into all my clients and those who ask me for advice; “WHY do you want to change what you look like?”

The answer is never straightforward, that I can guarantee. You have an underline purpose for pursuing this ‘dream body’ and it most likely a cause of your self-esteem. I will share my own example, I fear not being accepted for who I am and that results in me putting every part of me under the microscope until everything is ‘perfect’. Well, I am beginning to truly believe that it is impossible to be perfect. Of course, I understood before, but there is a difference between knowing and believing.

Take five, ten or even a full day to look into your ‘why’, note down how you feel about yourself, your personality, your life, your surroundings. There is bound to be something else that is actually the route of your unhappiness and self-acceptance.

INVEST in yourself

Once you can grasp that ‘why’ you will be able to put together an action plan to solve your deep routed cause, instead of burying it. One of my favourite phrases is ‘invest in yourself‘ because it is so key to maintaining a happy, healthy and loving relationship with yourself. Both body AND mind need taking care of, and that requires you to put in a little more time than you think.

Of course,is I advocate a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise for investing in yourself, but therarea lot more things we should all do more of and that is doing something that soothes our souls.

Start by doing one good thing for yourself every day. It could be anything from going for a walk in the outdoors, treating yourself to a spa day or spending a cozy night in with people you love. But what ever it is do it for you!

Buy that bikini and WEAR it

End of guide.

There is no other way of putting this than being incredibly blunt – it doesn’t matter what you look like, so long as you are being the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Live in the moment, surround yourself with positivity and love,  chase that sunset and embrace all that the world has to offer because those are things we value the most.

You will look beautiful, confident and happy, the moment you genuinely smile. You need to see your positives and use them, take in your flaws and embrace them. They make-up the wonderful person you are and that is so very special.

Have a wonderful journey before you head far away; a journey of self-discovery.

I have 3 months and 5 days to go – lets see what can happen


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