Jersey Gems | The Best of the Island

Considering not many people have been to Jersey, or may have even heard of it (if so where have you been?!) I wanted to give a little round-up of my favourite things to do and places to visit whilst staying there.

Places to See

The beaches are all so beautiful, but I do have a couple of favourites. The first is  Grève de Lecq, a quaint shoreline in a sort of cove so you feel more enclosed and tucked away on the island. It has a wonderful view looking out to the clear blue sea, and there is a lovely looking shop there to get your ice creams from!


Next place to go is to St Brelade’s Bay, where you can walk around the protruding rocks or climb them to reach a breath-taking viewing point. There are a variety of different places to stop and eat, drink or simply sit and look out onto the bay.


With all those beaches you will be shore (get it) to find some sea shells on the seashore! One of my Aunt’s hobbies includes crafting some lovely decorations using the scallop shells she collects on the beach. We both set off and brought a bag full of shells that we later used for serving dishes, as well as planning on making a handmade memory to hang on my wall.


Food & Drink

Before going I looked up where the best gluten-free restaurants and shops to go to when I was there (just to save all the hassle before hand!) and I landed on some incredible places. The first stop was at Seafish Cafe where you are treated to the local freshly caught fish, in finely created dishes that are both traditional and exotic. I opted for their pan-fried cod in a beautiful sauce, served with crispy gluten-free chips!


Next on the menu was a gorgeous little stow away just outside the center of town called MOO. This is a mainly organic cafe, that is a place for health lovers everywhere! Catering for all different dietary requirements, it has so much to offer their customers, and I was certainly impressed with how much variety they had for how small the place was!


One my first visit I chose their daily special ‘Coconut Lime Curry’ with added chicken (it is a vegan/gluten free dish otherwise!) Honestly, it was divine, even my Aunt loved the experience. Their food can be eaten in or taken away so super convent for a busy tourist day! Also grabbed a meal to go for the airport on my way home (for attempt number one!) and I loved every last bit of it.


The final place to make sure you go to is Bean Around The World – the best cafe you will find on the island! The atmosphere is so laid back, New Yorker style, with quirky decor and wonderfully friendly staff, waiting to take your never-ending order (seriously you will want everything going!). Every time I went it was packed out, as Jersey residents are smitten for their coffee and cakes, along with a there wide variety of cold smoothies and shakes.

Below are their ‘healthier peanut butter and chocolate chip‘ cookie, made from oats, cranberries, dark chocolate, and walnuts, along with a perfect frothy almond milk cappuccino. I could have stayed in this place all day, which is the main reason why I cannot wait to book my next trip over to Jersey!


Obviously, on a small island, there is plenty of fresh seafood to have, so make sure you take full advantage of it! Go to popular restaurants by the bays like the CrabShack, which I hear is amazing or if like me you are self-catering (well sort of!) go to a local fishmonger and get the catch of the day for your dinner plate!

Tastes of the Island

I have never been so adventurous with seafood until Jersey, and have tried crab, samphire, and scallops during my short stay and loved the lot – the scallops were definitely the best, as they have a juicy meaty texture but with a gorgeous flavour of the sea.


Speaking of local places, you must try some authentic Jersey Royals from the Potato Shack, that is just on your way out from St.John into town. It really is the sweetest place and is actually a shack! It sells all sorts of fresh vegetables that will have been picked within around a 48 hour period, but its main attraction is obviously the spuds!


Life wouldn’t quite be the same if you didn’t have an ice cream by the beach, especially when you can get authentic Jersey ice cream! Honestly this stuff taste insane, super duper soft and creamy, you will not be able to have any other during your stay!


If you ever make a trip to Jersey, I wish you a wonderful time and hope that you get to try out some of this amazing places and experiences. For a small island if really offers much more than can imagine.


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