Myth Buster -Weights make you BULKY

On your first day into the gym after joining up, what was the first thing that you used?

No doubt that you will turn round and say the treadmill or cross trainer, because we believe that cardio is the answer to losing weight and getting a beautiful toned figure. 

Though cardio has many health benefits there are several reasons why I choose to avoid an hour on the dreadmill (yes I don’t like them!) and pick up the weights and lift! Women are lead to believe that lifting makes you bulky, appear masculine and makes you gain weight.

Well I am telling you for a FACT that there is no possible way that training with weights can do this, it is just not in our make-up. Let me just take you through my top reasons why you should consider switching up your gym routine.

You have no balls!

In order to build muscle (and I am talking serious muscle mass) you need to have a tonne of testosterone in order to create more size. Men naturally have more testosterone than women, since they have completely different genitals than us – yes I am talking about balls!  Even though we do have some of this growth hormone, it will never be enough to turn you into the incredible hulk!

Effective for Fat Loss

As I have mentioned already, cardio does help you to loss weight. However, it doesn’t really dictate whether or not it is fat or muscle loss.
Resistance training does more to help maintain your feminine curves whilst you shred the fat to create that ‘toned’ look you are after. Pass us a dumbbell!

Lift more Eat More

This has to be one of my favourite advantages of lifting weights, as the body requires more calories to help maintain your muscle strength and overall health due to the extra work your body needs to do in order to recover effectively from a good weight session.
The more muscle strength you have, the more fuel your body needs so you can stop the low calorie diets for good and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Forty Winks

Finding yourself completely wiped out and having reduced sleep? Then get yourself to the bar (that is a bar rack mind!) and you will get a better forty winks. You can go to sleep faster, fall into a deeper sleep and wake up feeling more reenergised all thanks to resistance training.

Getting a better nights sleep has endless benefits to your health including reduced risks of stress and mental health issues – so it is positive for both body and mind!

Physical Health

Obviously with better activity levels comes improved heart functions, but those who train lifting weights are at less risk of heart diseases and are less likely to develop heart problems such as high blood pressure.

Plus this type of training, decrease your likelihood of developing osteoporosis, and helps to maintain strong bone health, supporting your body through every day activities.

Hope this has given you a better insight into why women should pluck up the courage and start lifting weights and hopefully you may start to consider changing direction away from the cardio machines the next time you go to the gym.

If you have any other questions please do let me know as I would be happy to help.


Ladies lets Lift!



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