Myth Buster – Carbs are your enemy

Spring has sprung marking the major countdown to getting that beach body you will be proud of. So as a result their have already been a flood of campaigns from all over the place to start your summer diets NOW!

Unfortunately, many become drawn in by these super quick fat loss diets that can reck your overall health as well as have a knock on effect of when you try and maintain your intake to normal again. One of the biggest pit falls I notice is the lack of carbohydrates in these type of diets, and how they have you believing that it is the best way to achieving the best version of yourself.

But going so low-carb or even no carbs, can have terrible side-effects on your health as carbohydrates are your body’s main energy source, period. We simply don’t function without having a good level of glucose in our body to fuel us with energy to life our lives.

If you have embarked on one of these style diets or even in the past, you may have suffered from the following:

Dizziness and Nausea

Otherwise known as “Brain Fog” when you are too low on carbohydrates, your brain cannot function at optimal levels because it uses carbs (glucose) as its main energy source. It will cause you to have headaches, feel dizzy throughout the day; especially when active and possibly feeling sick in the morning.

You may also find that you loose concentration very easily, can’t retain as much information as normal and become very irritable (so feel sorry for your loved ones!). Best way to correct this is by keeping on top of your hydration levels as you will be loosing a lot of your vital minerals through going the loo – sorry for getting a little personal there!

Disturbed Sleep or Insomnia 

Speaking of irritability, we all know what it is like when you don’t have enough sleep. Well having very little carbohydrates will bring about hormone imbalances, recking your body’s sleeping pattern, causing you to wake up frequently or not being able to get your forty winks at all! Even if you find yourself with a lack of energy, sleep can still become very disturbed and leave you in a very bad mood.

Bloating and Constipation

Sorry but I have to get personal again! With a lack of fibre from carbs, your body cannot digest and pass through your food effectively, giving you cramps, bloating and or constipation. This can be a really painful experience and one that can lead to other complications if not treated well. Best thing to do – eat your greens and drink plenty of water!

Suffer from depression

Now I am talking about the real clinical diagnosis here, not a low mood than will pass. Our hormonal health is critical for our energy levels and emotional status. Those who suffer from, or have history of depression or similar mental health conditions are best avoiding low-carb all together! (I most certainly don’t thrive well off it) Going through this transition faze from high carbs to high fats can be far too risky for a persons wellbeing so please take this on board!


Carbs have had a bad rep for as long as I can remember, yet as I have studied more and more, the importance of this macronutrient food group is stronger than ever.

They have so many positive effects on your health and fat loss:

  • Stops protein from being converted to glucose and so used for muscle repair
  • Fuel and energy – it is your biggest energy source!
  • Vegetables are your best vitamin and mineral sources
  • They provide fibre for your digestive health
  • They keep you sane! – good hormone balance

Now I am not claiming that high-fat diets do not work, as we are all different and there is certainly a time and place for switching your intake around. However, carbohydrates are your body’s main energy source, period. We simply don’t function without having a good level of glucose in our body to fuel us with energy to life our lives. So please take these diets with caution and be aware of how your body reacts.


If you do feel better on a higher fat diet, then make sure to get in most of your carbohydrates around your workout. Having some pre and post workout will let your body prepare and repair your muscles.

What matters the most when it come to weight loss or weight gain is the amount of calories we burn VS the amount we consume!

Sure what you put into your mouth is important, but including carbohydrates in there is vital for maintaining good health. So love your carbs, embrace them, use them to your advantage and let them work their magic to helping your get the most out of your body and mind.

Hope you have found this information helpful – more to come on this series of myth busters, so stay tuned!



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