Sweat & Swag – London Adventures

You will never have much of a problem with me going to London because I absolutely love the city, so when I found out about a workshop coming to our capital from Australia there was no stopping me!

To experience more of what London has to offer, I finally listened to my parents and made a little weekend out of my trip.  Being the city that has it all, there are far too many things to choose from that I didn’t know quite where to begin! However, I eventually narrowed it down to a few things (with a lot of organised planning) that have been given a lot of hype and I have loved to check them out for myself.

Kicking off my first day, I headed to Oxford Street to do a little shopping and got a few cheeky purchases for myself (in my defence they were activewear – I can never have enough!) before heading for lunch or should I say brunch at Opso in Marylebone.


This Grecian restaurant is home to the countries most beautiful food. Opso means a delectable morsel of food, a delicacy, and it sums the place up perfectly. Their dishes are made with high-quality ingredients and masterfully cooked.


I had their Greek Coleslaw with a 12 hour slow cooked Lemon & Oregano Chicken drumstick, served with a Potato Puree. It was unbelievably tender and succulent that I could have had so many!


Obviously, I had room for dessert, so I had a scoop of fresh creamy vanilla cream. Most certainly going to be making another reservation in the future.

After some further retail therapy and a quick pit stop at Starbucks, I made my way to the World’s Best Workout, Barry’s Bootcamp on Euston Road.


Their signature workouts have a non-stop intensity and are set to shock your body in ways you never would believe. I obviously had ideas of what it was going to be like, but was not prepared for how much it wiped me out by the end!


Taylor, our instructor for a Full Body workout, gave us a split up circuit involving treadmill intervals, sprints and then onto hardcore strength conditioning work that left me dripping from head to toe! He was really encouraging, supportive and enthusiastic, getting every single one of us involved, pushing ourselves to our limits!


Afterwards I had an instant refuel thanks to one of Barry’s Post workout smoothies. I went for ‘Simply Peanut Butter’ which was heavenly – especially after all that hard work! It was a true test of my overall fitness and I definitely withstood it all, however, I want to go back for more and improve on how well I actually did in class – that is what draws you back to Barry’s, as you are your own competition. You set the bar as high as you want, you have to be the one to reach it.

The second day was the main reason I took this trip, to attend ‘The Jungle Body‘ KONGA workshop that took placed at Gymbox in Holborn. Having never been able to experience a class before, I didn’t want to just sign up for the instructor course before seeing exactly what is was like.


The Jungle Body came about thanks to the very inspirational Tara Simich, who is from Perth in Australia. She discovered that there was something missing from all the fitness classes out there that really got the whole group involved in something incredible. Every Tara and her team dedicate themselves to improving the lives of others, helping them grow stronger in body, mind and soul – so you can begin to understand why I was so drawn into getting involved!

KONGA is one of five different styles of ‘The Jungle Body’ and is the original workout. It is an easy-to-follow high-intensity fusion of cardio, dance, boxing and sculpting that is set to current music that you already know and love! This fierce workout will have you fired up, burning up a sweat whilst showing off your sexy swagger!


We began with Tara introducing herself, talking through the day and what is at the heart of her culture. She started up from nothing and is proof that you can achieve it if you work hard and believe in your dreams. Her personality shone so brightly throughout the entire day, which was contagious on us all I think!

Then we were led by Tara and Sheriece in an ultimate KONGA class that I will never forget. From the first beat I was hooked, my heart was pounding, my smile as wide as my face would allow and I never lost that feeling of happiness for the rest of the day. With simple movements that anyone can follow, you take the workout to whatever level is best for you. With my love for dancing, I couldn’t help but throw myself right into it, giving it everything possible and it showed by how much I worked up a sweat! There is no class quite like it, I have not been so alive throughout a group fitness class and the atmosphere all around was filled with positivity.


The whole day passed by far too quickly, that it needed to start all over again. Meeting amazing people from all across the UK and beyond, it was a privilege to be apart of this up and coming community. We swapped details so that we can keep up to date with each other’s business and support one another as we grow ‘The Jungle Body’ across the seas.

I really hope that those of you living in the Staffordshire region would love to attend this sort of class because I would love nothing more than to begin the journey of becoming a KONGA instructor and share this energy with you all!

This weekend has taught me to embrace who I am, and where I am right now. Looking too much at the future will only make you lose focus for what you are experiencing in the present, so taking each day at a time will allow me to grow stronger and wiser. My dreams can and will happen, but in time, no need to add pressure and a deadline.

Just look out for more to come on the expansion of my business and community as I aim to encourage you invest in your health and wellbeing, showing the world who you truly are and follow your hearts desires.

I am doing all I can to make this dream happen – only time will tell



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