Pledge For Parity

From the early 1900’s, International Women’s Day has become a globally recognised celebration of women’s achievements across social, cultural, economical and political areas. It also highlights the campaign to establish equality between both genders worldwide.

Since the beginning of this occasion, there has been hugely significant changes to the way women are seen and treated, bringing a union between male and female. However, there is still a short fall in the representation of women in all areas where decisions are made, which is why this day is still as important as the day it began.

This year’s campaign theme is focusing in on the need for gender equality;



It is all too apparent still when it comes down to a matter of opinion on which gender is best appropriate for certain tasks or jobs (women still don’t get paid the same as men!) Everyday I come across some form of gender stereotype that is unnecessary and should not be happening in the 21st Century. Though there are far more people who treat both sexes the same, there are still those who are very set in their ways and judge women as the weaker ones, who do not deserve to have the say or play their part in society.

As part of IWD 2016, I have been extremely lucky to be asked by a local education facility, Newcastle-under-Lyme College, where I was once a student, to speak about my journey through recovery and how to empower young women to stand up for themselves and live out their dreams. It will be a moment to remember for life, to speak in front of so many young women, telling them about my life story and how they too can do anything that they wish to, with the right mindset.

There are millions of inspirational women out there, not just celebrities, or your favourite social media bloggers. Just walking down your street, or around town, you will see women doing all they can to support others, without even realising the impact they are having on those around them or even on the world. It is these unconscious actions that are so over-shadowed by daily life and need to be celebrated too.

Through my own adversity, I have had to learn to become my own saviour, giving myself the love and care I need and deserve. It is going to be the hardest thing that I will ever have to do, to overcome my core-beliefs embedded inside me over so many years and let go, be free and show the world exactly who I am.

My aim in life is to show everyone both men and women, but in particularly women, to   improve their self-confidence and self-respect to really be happy and healthy in body and mind. This is my pledge;

‘to help women and girls to achieve their ambitions’

Make your own pledge today by clicking this link here and start making a difference to the world around you and beyond.

I hope you take part in anyway you can to make IWD count this year, it can seriously create such a positive impact on the way we live and eventually we can all stand together united and as one human race.


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