Fit in February – Week Four

It is one of the final days of February, and we are ending it with clear blue skies here in Staffordshire. It marks the start of a new beginning for me personally as I am starting to come out of the depths of a very difficult time emotionally. Yesterday was one of the first days were the mood began to lift for the whole day, which felt amazing. It is proof that with a positive mindset, even in the darkest of times, you will begin to see the light.

Not only is it the end of the second month, it is also the end of #FitinFebruary Challenges, that have allow you to evaluate and act on making a happier and healthier future for yourself. For me, it has been a real tough challenge to even get round to attempting them, but I am not one to give up! I set the tasks and took part like a trooper so no one was doing it alone.

The final three challenges were in your hands to set, they could have been anything at all from walking that little bit further each day to appreciating yourself more. What is great about these ones is that they are aimed to be achieved in your own time and own speed with no deadline, just allow them to happen when they do.


My Three Challenges were:

  1. Stop being so hard on yourself – I need to take note of all my good points, and look at the negatives as starting blocks to propel me forward.
  2. Take more time out – rather than every single day including something to do with personal training or my blog, a day off should been a FULL day off!
  3. Become my own biggest cheerleader – in order for others to believe in me, I have to believe in myself 100%. Sure I would keep this up all the time, but when ever the time comes, I can rely on my inner belief that I am enough and can do anything.

As they are on-going I immediately felt the pressure lift off my shoulders to get something completed in a week, as it can be very hard to do certain things in a short space of time, especially for personal development.

What was so fitting is my CBT therapist set me homework to start writing down all the positives that happen each day! Since practicing this myself at the start of the month, it was a lot easier to focus on the good than bad. The list may not be a full page long, but it is the fact there are things written down that matters.

Taking more time out is definitely difficult, as I am my own boss, and I am the only one in charge of bringing home the bacon (quite literally!). However, this shouldn’t prevent me from doing things just for me, and I am trying my best to do at least one thing every day that makes me feel happy. Yoga is certainly helping to support both my physical and mental wellbeing in one, as it is a time to focus on my whole self.

At the start of the week my final task felt like a million miles away. Fast forward to today, I am noticing myself have more appreciation for where I am at right now, looking back to where I have come from and seeing the inner strength and determination it took to get here. Though the pom poms are not out of the cupboard yet, viewing both sides of the coin, it is starting to seem like I am beginning to believe in my abilities once more.

I really hope to continue this journey of self-discovery, sharing it with all and willing you to do the same as it is possible for all of us. What ever your starting point from now, take that first step wisely, confidently, knowing you are capable of more than you realise – believe me there is no way I could have foreseen my future turning out this way when I was so ill, but it has happened, it can for you too.

Spring in to March with the world as your golden egg and rise up to become the person you are meant to be.

Sending my love  x

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